Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mary Worth 607

For days, Adrian has been raising Scott's bed, then lowering it, then raising it. But today, she's actually lowered the mattress to the floor so she can climb on top of Scott while she waits for him to go either way. Because there's nothing like 114 pounds of weight pressing down on fresh bullet wounds.

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Anonymous said...

This may have been asked before, but seriously, what doctor wears pearls on the job?

Brick said...

Adrian has changed into black cashmere and pearls, under the lab-coat, of course, because she's "at work". Seeing the change, I had hoped that we were in day two of Scott's recovery, but perhaps I'm just rushing things.

Judging from the angle of Scott's head today, he should be wearing a neck brace tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

In panel one, Adrian's Power Ring Trouble Alert(TM) is flashing urgently.

And yet, she's ignored it in order to apparently snap the spine of her comatose lover.

that, my friends. That is devotion.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Arg! I can't stand it. When will Scott either meet his maker - Karen Moy - or join the living?

This has been the longest two weeks in comic history. How much more can we take?

Anonymous said...

PISF--plenty more. It's just like a train wreck.


Caroline said...

I think it's rather like a dental exam - just when you think they're done, they continue jabbing you in the mouth with sharp instruments.