Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mary Worth 1,140

It's hard to know what happened to room 1047, but perhaps they removed it for not being up to the Hilton's exacting standards: Clock radio, bedside telephone (voice mail down), hair dryer, personal mail slot.

It's too bad that when Desk Clerk wrote Bobby Black's name on the envelope with his giant-sized Sharpee, he ran out of ink just as he was about to write down the room number, of all times! If only the Hilton had some extra ball points available at the desk.

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Tony said...

In the Real World, the Blazes would have a block of rooms in the hotel. Bobby's teammate in 1045 would say to him, "Here -- this was delivered to me by mistake." (Do most hotel room doors have mail slots?)

I'm sorry -- once again, I have foolishly confused the Worthiverse with the Real World.

erik said...

haven't been following the comments section, so forgive me if someone else already called this, but:

in an incredible twist of fate, Bobby ends up in the Diner after missing Gina at the game.

unfortunately, they fail to cross paths again, as Gina is off accepting her award for least competent Diner employee ever.

heydave said...

The torturous winding inanity of this incredibly drawn out (and poorly drawn!) "comic" has beaten me. I am going to go outside and hide under a pile of leaves, crying softly to myself.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Oh come on, heydave, MW might be poorly written and poorly drawn - I loved the comment from a couple of weeks ago about demented monkeys writing and drawing this comic - but at least we know everything will turn-out-okay-in-the-end.

Or maybe it will - IF the occupant of room 1045 can read...the name on the envelope.

The only thing worth waiting for, though, is if Moy makes the connection between Bobby Black and the drunk lady named Black. In iniminable Moy style, there's probably no connection because in her rush to come up with authentically WASP names, she forgot she had already used "Black".

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a big-time "sports player" be found on the internet or a web-site?

Sh*t, Steve Jobs was just about going to send Mary a new I-Pad since she is so techno savvy.

Mike in Cleveland said...

You're right, Tony, there would be a block of rooms for the team--possibly the entire concierge level (to insulate from groupies).

And no, I don't think any hotel room door on the planet has a mail slot. However, lots of older homes and apartments do. For me, this is a telling clue as to how Moy gets her "ideas." She just looks around the NYC apartment building she lives in and calls that the Universe.

BTW, does anyone agree that this is the seediest Hilton hotel ever? Remember, this is the Santa Royale HILTON--area code 805, comprising Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties. NO amenities are ever "down" at a Hilton. But what do we have here? Incompetent Desk Clerk, who commiserates with strangers on the phone about how much work has to be done; slack-jawed Bellhop, who demonstrates less intelligence than "Goober" from "Mayberry RFD." And ZERO decor (OK, OK, ONE potted plant).

Y'know gang, I remember writing insipid stories like this in my High School Sophomore English class. That may be one reason I follow this strip: to reminisce and vicariously re-live those years. ("The horror...the horror.")

See y'all tomorrow.

Elaine said...

I'm not sure I would compare Anais Nin's dreams to Gina's - unless Gina is about to go through a time warp to WWII.... Anything to get us out of this little pocket of inanity, please!

Anonymous said...

@Tony - also most sports teams have to people to a room which means the front desk guy would have surely put Bobby's name on the message rather than just a room number. However, is this a "twist" where technology is being promoted in a good light (ie voicemail) and manual, hand-delivery systems are actually shown as error prone and less effective? I thought technology was always frowned upon in the Worthiverse.

Robert said...

Elaine, Anais Nin's dream surely would be a lot more entertaining than the weeks we've all spent falling asleep over Gina's dream!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Plant has followed Bobby to his room. Maybe it can extend a tendril through Mail Slot in 1045 and retrieve the misdelivered message.

We will now be subjected to at least one week's worth of strips sorting out the mixup.

I'm disappointed, though. Mary has a stellar opportunity for meddling, and yet she's reading a Reader's Digest condensed book; while Gina, after pining for Love Of Her Life for ten years, is content to leave two phone messages? Shoot, I'd be moving into Lobby and attending Big Game and doing anything else I could think of to find him!

--Beagle Vet

Anonymous said...

Also, where did Cardigan go, and when did Bobby's shirt turn blue?

--Beagle Vet

KitKat said...

I picture Karen Moy flipping through Bartlett's Familiar Quotations: "Dream, dream, gotta find a quote about dreams." Wanders, can we add the Everly Brothers' "All I Have to Do is Dream" to the Charterstone Juke Box?

Gina's ponytail in panel two is particularly peculiar. Not only is it on the very top of her head, it reminds me of the streamers that were hanging from the handlebars of my bike when I was a small child.

Gina may be striking out with Bobby, but maybe she can find romance with Bellboy Freddie. He is as incompetent a bellboy as she is a waitress.

James in NOrth Dakota said...

I've never heard of a hotel room door having a big mail slot. I mean, that would give anybody the chance to play "Peek-a-Boo!"

Tony, wouldn't you know that the block of rooms would end at Bobby's room. Therefore, his neighbor is probably a total stranger.

WV: "ratiot," which is a cross between rational and idiot. One can draw their own conclusions from that one lol

flea said...

Freddie is modeled after the young bellhop in the crimson jacket: "Call for Phillip Morris". Except Freddie is a mouth breather.