Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mary Worth 1,151

Seven differences:

1) Gina's menu in panel 1, gone in panel 2
2) Same for the water glass
3) Chairs appear in panel 2
4) Gina's left arm is stuck through the table top in panel 2.
5) Broccoli in planter boxes grows huge in panel 2.
6) Bobby Black: Loser in panel 1. Winner in every way, panel 2.
7) Panel 1: Story is genius. Panel 2: Story is even more genius!


Paul said...

8) Gina has a neck in panel 2

There are so many differences that I am convinced that these are not the same lunch, but are, in fact, two lunches occurring a week apart.

In panel 2, Gina is talking about The Oscars being broadcast tonight - she wouldn't miss it for anything - and Bobby is still droning on about what a great player he is.

Dave in Parma said...

Will Gina still be as impressed when Bobby asks her to go "Dutch" on the check? He is a pro soccer player after all.

I'm sure the glass of water simply got knocked to the ground when they went to grab hands.

This plot is like the great Pacific Garbage Patch, floating aimlessly, awaiting someone--anyone--to clean it up and resolve the situation.

heydave said...

Slow down!

kathyo said...

Bobby looks more engrossed in the menu than in Gina. It must be his birthday and he gets to order a free Grand Slam Breakfast.

phoebes in santa fe said...

What are we hanging on for? Is Moy going to do a wedding plot? It just seems that Friday would have been a great day to wrap it all up and never make us see Bobby and Gina ever again.

That it's continuing today is troubling...

Dave in Parma said...

my point exactly Phoebes

Mike in Cleveland said...

Phoebes and Dave, Saturday always seems to be "filler day," marking time until the Sunday Recap.

Yes, there's much more to come: We have to see them walking hand-in-hand through a park, coughing up romantic non-sequiturs like today's:

"Nice win today"
"Now I'm a winner in EVERY way."

"You're a good soccer player."
"But now I'm a player in EVERY way."

"Thanks for reminiscing with me."
"Now we can reminisce EVERY day."

"Nice breakfast at that restaurant, huh?"
Now we can have breakfast EVERY day."

(That last one would be a thought bubble.)

Of course, Moy will have snappier ones. I haven't written like this since I was a High School underclassman, and am out of practice.

What can you come up with?

Punky said...

Not that any part of this story is in any way realistic, but I just find it mind-boggling that these two, having not seen each other in 10 years, ripped apart by the cruel hand of fate, would be sedately sitting down to a meal and perusing menus. Wouldn't any normal two people sit down on that couch and start firing questions at each other, saying things like "I can't believe it's you" or "How are your parents?" or, say, "What have you been doing for the last 10 years?" Not "congratulations on the win, Bobby" or "please pass the salt."

Unknown said...

The thing that gets me is, this doesn't look anything like the Bum Boat. There's other fine dining in Santa Royale?

Steven W. said...

Maybe this is the part where Bobbie excuses himself to use the facilities, gets the gun taped to the back of the toilet, Shoots Gina. drops the gun and slinks out of the restaurant.

He's Bobbie Black, mob hitman. How's that for fate dealin ya a cruel blow?

duckduckgoose said...

It's mildly entertaining to imagine that Bobby Black just said, "NER".

Anonymous said...

Where's Waldo?

KitKat said...

All I can say is, this plot better wrap on Sunday.

I'd like to ask Karen Moy who her target audience is. Is some 97-year-old lady smiling and exclaiming, "Oh, I'm so happy for Gina and Bobby!"? (Yikes, I guess I just described Mary Worth.)

Carlye said...

My husband pointed out today that Grace Slick looks a lot like Mary Worth now. Nice to know we have someone who could play her in the movie version of this story! Just Google "Grace Slick" and see what I mean!

Anonymous said...

So a nicely dressed maitre d'(a celebrity at that) escorts them to a table and hands them . . . flimsy paper menus? Surprisingly, there isn't a napkin dispenser on the table. Also, Gina's bangs mysteriously shorten up in panel 2. And what happened to Gina's purse?

Petunia said...

9. Gina's collar is popped in panel one and down in panel 2.

I like the Bobby-as-secret-Mob-hitman idea!

Anonymous said...

this is a comic strip question in general . all the so called edgy stips complain about there editor .i hope mary worth has no editor cause they either have best no work job in the world or they dont pay attention to detail