Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Worthy Award Nominees

Yes, it's time to announce the nominees for the 2011 Worthy Awards. The Condo Board has finished its weeks-long deliberations and is thrilled with this year's slate. Your job, now, is to vote in each category to select the year's finest achievements. So cast your votes before the end of the year. Winners will be announced in early January.

And now, drum roll please. The nominees are:

To submit your vote, be sure to click the "Cast Your Vote" button at the bottom of each category's ballot.


Unknown said...

After chin napkin was shut out last year, I've lost all faith in democracy.

heydave said...

My only quibble would be under the best scene category, but that must been a killer to whittle down.

Otherwise, I'm all a-tremble. And it's just GOT to go to Hammy McFist and the coach duds!

KitKat said...

Ahh, what a stroll down the Santa Royale 2011 Memory Lane!

Dave in Parma said...

Ah, the Worthy Awards. It's like Christmas come early.

It's amazing that when reading many of these isolated panels, how the dialogue on many of them are that much funnier when followed with "That's what she said" (for fans of The Office/Steve Carrell). This particularly seems to apply to Wilbur.

Gina said...

Oh my. What a year it's been. I . . . I think I need to go and lie down now.

@heydave -- No way! Amoeba Shirt for the win!

tuffenuf said...

Unknown @ 4:31A

I, too, am sad to discover that CN was omitted from this year's voting.

It is a sad day indeed!

We can only hope that Chinnie gets his own comic strip spinoff.

WV: "bless" as in "your heart!"

Gina said...

Hey Wanders, how do we vote? I marked the panels I wanted but I don't know if my votes were actually submitted.

Toots McGee said...

I think the race between Not Fatal Enough Attraction and Happy Is the Only Way They Know How To Be is going to be a tight one. I had to think about that one for almost a whole minute!

speedy said...

In the category for outstanding performance by an established character, so far Dawn and Wilbur are splitting the Weston vote, allowing Mary to sneak in with a slight lead. I believe this was her strategy all along. I look forward to the early exit polls on this.

Chester the Dog said...

I would like to have seen Chin Napkin up against Marys medium length sweater.

phoebes in santa fe said...

As with most of the other posters today, I DEPLORE the absence of Chin Napkin this year.

Listen, since he/she has appeared at least twice, he/she should be granted the status of "regular character".

I'm semi-thinking about boycotting the Worthies this year. Really, I am.

meg said...

I strongly object to having to vote on these important matters
before the current story line is wrapped up. For all we know, there will be a dramatic physical confrontation between Mary and the Big Orange. And Bree will have to bop him on the head with a coffee pot. And I ask, now, then, what will the most outstanding panel be? I will see you all on my new blog, "Mary Worth and Meg".

Anonymous said...

Worthy awards! EEP!
Who can forget happy Gina and happy Bobby, driving down the sidewalk!? Good times, y'all, good times.

Sandi Ego said...

This is difficult for me because I am new to the Worthiverse. A couple months ago my daughter looked up from the comics and asked with her 17 year-old seriousness, "Why do people read Mary Worth?" And so we read it, gradually getting sucked into the Bobby/Gina drama, marvelling at the nonsense & drawing "skills". And then we discovered this blog and realized We Are Not Alone. We are still learning about previous characters and story lines, but that's cool, because if you aren't LEARNING you have LOST everything.

Elaine said...

I think there are some deserving choices here - but of course, we'd all like to see Chin Napkin and perhaps Face Touch make an appearance. But we mustn't downplay the importance of being happy because it's the only way we know to be. Bravo, Wanders, you've come up with a stellar line up!

Vicki said...

oh my...has it already been OVER a year since Jill Black got stinkin' drunk at the rehearsal dinner dance party!? Now THAT was a grand time!!
I do so wonder what has become of that gal!

Good selection for 2011, though, Wanders. I can hardly wait til the winners are announced!!!

In today's strip -- I dunno, Mary, ARE you seeing what you think you're seeing? Could that really be Thuggy McThugg with missing Emily? Nah...besides, the poster got torn down, so how would ya' know?

Anonymous said...

Now wait just a minute here.... I was all set to send in a scathing comment about why Jill Black was not a contender in any category... when I saw Vicki's contribution saying that it's been over a year since Jill began her drunken rampage. Astounded yet not quite believing that to be true, I checked. Ah ha! Not so... It was on January 12, 2011 that Jill was seen being dragged out of the rehearsal dinner... and if that scene isn't a contender for best panel, best story line, best performance by a guest character, then I don't what is.... How can anyone compare Jill to Hammy McFist, Gina whatever her last name was, or Bobby Black .. lame, lame, and lame! I object - on some level. Support here, fellow readers, please, for Jill Black!!

phoebes in santa fe said...

I agree fully with Anon@5.03p. Jill Black was by far the most interesting "new character" (or "old character", come to that) this year. Or any other year.

I think Wanders should take his Worthies back to the drawing board and include JILL BLACK!!!

(Maybe I've always liked Jill Black because we share a first name - you didn't think I came out of my mother named "phoebes", did you?). But I don't drink.

meg said...

Sigh, why do I have to do everything?

Jill Black's famous drunken cursing scene was the winner of 2010's most outstanding panel:


Read it and weep, oh ye doubters.
(An open bar was not the best idea)

Captain Peabody said...

Is voting more than once permitted, encouraged, or discouraged in this contest?

Speaking purely hypothetically, of course.

I'm trying to run a grass-roots campaign to get "Amoeba Shirt" victory in the Best Costume category...but so far it's slow going.

djangosmom said...

Sandi Ego, that is exactly how I found this blog! Our local paper was taking votes on which comics to keep. I said to my husband, Why do they keep Mary Worth,anyway?
I googled and found this blog. Now I see Mary's true purpose.

Wanders said...

Anon: the January 12 panel was a
Flashback from the previous year. While it was still
Awesome, Jill
Won her accolades last year.

JM said...

What a brilliant idea! Thank you so much for the voting and the Charterstone 2011 memories!

Eev said...

Wanders, please make an "Outstanding performance by inanimate object" special mention for next year. Or "Outstanding stage/prop design". Timeless stars like Chin Napkin, Hospital Hi-Fi, Mary's Non-Euclidean Kitchen, and Diner are the only reason I even read MW anymore!!

Anonymous said...

I am crushed, I tell you, simply CRUSHED that yet another year has gone by without an update on Chester the Beagle, whose chalk body outline full-body radiograph was the reason I tumbled into the Worthiverse oh those several years ago.

--Beagle Vet

Punky said...

The Outstanding Panel category brought back many humorous memories.
That "speaking of fathers" drawing might be an alltime classic!

These individual scenarios remind me a bit of Garfield Minus Garfield (look it up, if you don't know about it!), in that parts of MW are so much funnier when removed from their context. And I'm with Gina: amoeba shirt for the win!

For next year, it would be nice to have some category in which I could have voted for kelk. Favorite product not found in reality?

Also would be nice to vote for most unpleasant character/most excruciating storyline. But perhaps that isn't the true spirit of these awards. Thanks, Wanders, for putting it all together. May the best (or worst) strips win!

wv: pinchmeg. Meg - watch out!