Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mary Worth 1,220

C'mon Mary! Don't just stand there with your mouth hanging open! Give Nola some advice!

What kind of advice do you think Nola wants?

Perhaps she wants to know how to keep her paper umbrella from straying from its glass. Which could be a broader metaphor for marital fidelity.

But probably, it's something to do with organizing her financial papers, and if Mary knows a good tax accountant. Which could also be an exciting story.

Happy Groundhog Day everybody.

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Peggy Olson said...

What a great way to start my morning! A Charterstone pool party, a blue-haired vixen with questionable motives, and an end to the "Mary, You are a Saint" speeches.

Perhaps the next jukebox selection could be "Whatever Nola Wants, Nola Gets" from the musical Damn Yankees. (I'm sure Mary saw the opening performance on Broadway!)

Thorpnotized said...

I forgot to mention yesterday that the pants of the guy Nola was talking to, had changed from white on Monday to blue yesterday. Today, sensing Mary's approach, Nola has removed her pearls to spare Mary the embarrassment of being out-classed.

Wanders said...

@Peggy Olson: I believe that's Lola.

KitKat said...

I think Nola is going to ask Mary for fashion advice. "Mary, people overlook me because my wardrobe is so bland, and my hair color is totally blah. You always look perfectly pulled together! How can I add pizazz to my look? And, do gray-haired women really have more fun?"

Dave in Parma said...

This simply won't work! Mary only knows how to give advice and meddle when SHE initiates it on some poor, unsuspecting soul. Now everything's out of whack!

speedy said...

@Peggy Olson and @Wanders -- Yes, the "Damn Yankees" Gwen Verdon song was about Lola (very different than the Kinks "Lola"), but there was a 1959 song called Nola:

I believe an instrumental version of this was used as occasional background music on "The Red Skelton Show." Not that I, of course, am old enough to remember this show. But Mary certainly would be.

Elaine said...

Why is everybody behind Mary looking the other way - could they be afraid of the massive meddling about to occur between Mary and Nola??

That is a most mysterious finger-pointing at the umbrella in Nola's drink. Maybe she's trying to signal Mary - keep away from the pool bar!

heydave said...

Holy cow!

Cats and Dogs, sleeping together!

What a way to get the jump on meddlin' Mary!1! "Look, I know you're going to pry, so let me guide your pry-optic gaze to THIS..."

I lourve this.

birdie said...

I think (from the first panel) Nola is in the middle of a gender transition and was asking Delilah's husband for tips on being a guy. I doubt anybody would ask Ian for such tips, so Toby is safe.

The advice she wants from Mary has to do with informing her family about the change from Nola to Nolan.

KitKat said...

Say, I searched for Delilah and Lawrence in Wanders's extensive archive. Lawrence must be hitting the ol' Grecian Formula for Men, because his gray temples and top have turned blue-black. I speculate that Nola was not flirting with him, she was just comparing their blue-black hair.

jp said...

Whoa! Finger pointing AND face-touching, in the same panel!

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, this story is about to take OFF!

Sandi Ego said...

"I met her at a party down at Charterstone, Where you drink prune juice and it tastes just like cherry cola, C-o-l-a cola; I walked up to her and she asked for advice, I asked her her name and in a dark hussy voice she said Nola, N-o-l-a Nola"

phoebes in santa fe said...

Every day at Mary Worth is "Groundhog" day.

heydave said...

@jp: I'm not sure we can get too excited about the face touching here. Mary's only using a finger, not the true, full, palm of angst. But is is a start, that's for sure!

Carlye said...

Sandi Ego, I love your version of "Lola", I mean "Nola"! The only problem is, now I have that song stuck in my head. Curses.

wv: oideness - surely a term used to describe your annoying Jewish relatives...

Anonymous said...

Mary looks so shocked because she usually has to pry for at least a month before she gets to the advice giving stage.

meg said...

Why the ?, Mary? Are you stunned that someone said you give GOOD advice? Or that someone would think you wouldn't have time to talk? Girlfriend, all you have is time to talk!

And why does Nola look like Jane Russell on Janurary 31, Donna Reed on February 1, and like Smokey Robinson in drag today? I fully expect her to look like Mitt Romney tomorrow- that blue-black hair is less uncommon than you might think.

James in North Dakota said...

Tomorrow, Toby will butt into the conversation, point and Lola and shout out: "Harlot!"

And if there will be any Lola-related songs on the Charterstone jukebox, it should be "Copacabana." ....

Her name was Lola, she was a hussy/
with blue-black in her hair and an umbrella in her cup/
She would be flirtatious and do the cha-cha/
And while she tried to be a star, Mary always tended bar/
Across a crowded pool, they worked until they were cool/
They were old and they needed advice
Who could ask for more?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a Toby and Nola catfight ending up in the never-before-seen Charterstone pool, ala
Linda Evans and Joan Collins.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Nola will cross more lines and start asking Mary about her turn-down of Jeff's proposal, and begin her own meddling into Mary's private life before Mary can even open her mouth. That would cause some fun fireworks.

Peggy Olson said...

Thanks, Wanders, for correcting my mistake! Of course, the Damn Yankees song is about Lola, not Nola.

And also thanks to Sandi Ego and James in ND. I'll always think of you (and Mary) whenever I hear the Kinks and Barry Manilow!

Robert said...

I sure hope Nola is asking advice for a racy problem, but surely we're all going to be disappointed and it's going to be some boring problem like where to buy the latest pantsuits (at Marcy's, of course!).

Vicki said...

Why does Lawrence look so pleased with himself, I wonder? Maybe he's chuckling to himself because he passed off Ian's phone number as his own when Nola asked for it. Boy is Toby going to be p.o.'d!!

Anonymous said...

Must be pretty humid at the ol' pool party. Nola's hair is getting curlier by the panel.

Or maybe it's trying to get away from Mary by receding into Nola's head.

--Beagle Vet

Dave in Parma said...

Mary on Friday:

"I'm also a hero and very modest. You've come to the right place."

KitKat said...

Mary's place, hmm? I guess we should be grateful that they're not going to the Good Eats Diner, where patrons faint from hunger waiting for service from the distracted staff.

What will Mary serve? Kelk-encrusted salmon squares with a pot of motor-oil gravy? It's a cinch that dessert will NOT be humble pie.

Thorpnotized said...

Panel 1 - Nola (whose pearls are back) turns away from Mary, embarrassed that she has a PERSONAL problem for which she needs advice. In the background, a sloshed party guest steadies herself against a mutant palm tree. Meanwhile, Wilbur wipes away a tear, upset that he has finished off all the food and is still hungry.

Panel 2 - This is priceless. Mary is the very picture of narcissism, without a hint of modesty. She even attempts to invoke her special radiant aura with her hands!

jmernl said...

KitKat...I already KNOW what Mary may serve Nola, courtesy of the Dayton Daily News which printed tomorrw's strip last Saturday by mistake! Any guesses??

Actually it is pretty pathetic that I am excited about being "in the know" about Mary Worth....

KitKat said...

jmernl @ 10:59 AM, Mary's recipes usually produce small oval objects that look like they were extruded by a machine, accompanied by a gravy boat filled with a disgusting brown substance. Or, could it be whatever was in that casserole Mary foisted upon Arm-Sling Amy? I do not expect a pre-Super Bowl spread with chili, wings, nachos, and brewskis.

Thorpnotized said...

Well, James in North Dakota posted his take on "Copacabana" before I had finished mine, but I decided to post my version anyway...


Her name is Lola, she is so naughty!
With an umbrella in her drink and a scheming, sultry wink!
At the pool party, she is all flirty,
And coming on to all the guys with her teasing coos and sighs!
She's looking for advice, and Mary seems so nice!
So she's asked her if she will help her,
Now she'll pay the price!

At the party, the big pool party,
Where nobody likes to be tardy
For the party, the lush pool party;
Mary's there meddling and platitude peddling
At the party... please try some Kelk!

His name is Lawrence, Delilah's husband!
That Nola flirts with him and then, looks around for other men!
Now Toby's fuming, and she's face touching!
Yeah, you can tell that she is vexed, 'cause she thinks that Ian's next!
Her worry is misplaced; she will not be disgraced!
Who would lust after Toby's husband
With that portly waist?

At the party, the big pool party,
Relax and enjoy a Bacardi!
At the party, the lush pool party;
Mary keeps plying her snooping and prying
At the party... please pass the Flak!

Limber Joe said...

@ Thorpnotized. Amazing! We are not worthy!

WV? "likenoch" Discuss among yourselves!

KitKat said...

Thorpnotized @ 1:09 PM: Your lyrics are fabulous. Bravo!

Limber (also N/E Ohio) Joe said...

Can't blame Wanders for taking the day off. Actually, he could comment every other week or so, considering the pace of the strip. Still, I would love to hear his comments about Mary talking to the back of Nola's head.

"intshe" As in, Intshe a piece of work (insert the name of your choice)?

heydave said...

Way to go, Thorpo!

birdie said...

I especially like the guys in today's first panel. They seem to be trying to do some kind of intervention on Wilbur, who is resisting their attempts to save him from himself by stuffing a sandwich in his ear because there is no room in his mouth.

Maybe they should just take him kite-flying. That seems to solve problems magically.

Vicki said...

Good job, Thorp! (And don't worry, there could NEVER be enough takes on "Copacabana" when it comes to our Nola, lol!)

Well, Nola doesn't look a bit thrilled with Mary's dinner invitation! It would be awkward if her "personal problem" is anorexia. Way to go, Mary.

Anonymous said...

I'm good at cooking and giving advice and GREAT at self-promotion.
Thus spake Mary.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh! Wilbur's face-touching in the background of the first panel! Something wicked this way comes.

--Beagle Vet