Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mary Worth 1740

Indeed, Ken, there is something about black and white photos. I wonder where we might find some.

Today's Full Strip


Toots McGee said...

But, the thought balloon! What are we to make of the thought balloon, that Karen Moy staple with the [cue the weird organ stab] SECRET THOUGHT?

Ken wishes he had a camera, to take Mary's picture, here in the crummy annex of the public library, in that stolid frock made from some curtains she found in the dumpster behind the Bum Boat.

Him and a bunch of other Retired Broadway Legends must have a competition to see who can bag the homeliest dowagers they can off the buses at the Port Authority.

When Ken was strolling through the park, he wasn't even really on the hunt, but he sure bagged a winner when he "rescued" Mary from the guy who was "wilding" in the park.

QuakerJohn said...

B&W photos are somehow restorative to me.