Monday, February 10, 2014

Mary Worth 1772

Wilbur's conversations with his imaginary friends always leave him a little bit excited, and a little bit sad.

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fauxprof said...

Ash Wednesday comes early in Santa Royale, doesn't it?

Either that or Wilbur is moonlighting in Rex Morgan, and got shot in the forehead with a nail gun.

Peggy Olson said...

In Panel Two, Wilbur says he's meeting "both of you." Perhaps he's meeting Frannie and her depressed mother. Is Wilbur trying to ditch his secret second family?

Maybe now that they have gift certificates to the Bum Boat, he'll finally acknowledge them and introduce Dawn to her little sister Frannie!

Peggy Olson said...

Brilliant! I thought of the Rex Morgan storyline, too. I'd love to how Uncle Joe draws someone attacking Wilbur with a nail gun.

KitKat said...

@fauxprof at 7:14 a.m., I had the same thought about Ash Wednesday. Maybe Wilbur repents regularly and pokes his forehead with that immense phone. Since two people and trepidation are involved, could this be Iris and her felon son, Tommy?

BTW, I was in NYC this weekend to see not Broadway legend Ken Kensington but real stage legends Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Surprise: Lord & Taylor had no poster of Mary Worth and Shelly Cohen in the window.

meg said...

Last night at the Bum Boat:

Under pretense of having 'forgotten' her medium length sweater, Mary returns to the Bum Boat. As she walks through the door, she sees Frannie's mother locked in a tight embrace with the waiter.

Mary then realizes that the intense little family drama she witnessed was a hoax, designed to get a free meal from a kindly old lady.

But Mary is no shrinking violet. She strides up to the kissing couple and says, "Well! No wonder your husband is leaving you! You're kissing the waiter! I want the truth!"

Frannies' mother says, "No! You don't understand! He's my husband!"

Mary slaps her. "I said I want the truth."

"He's my waiter."

"He's my husband."

"My husband, my waiter."

"I said I want the truth!"

"He's my husband AND my waiter."

Jeff: "Forget it Mary. It's Fishytown."

Nance said...

The Poor Frannie "Storyline" was just a brief Pre-Meddle. Now we're onto the Big Three-Month Storyline of Wilbur, Iris, and her juvenile delinquent son, Crimewave Tommy.

Will there be a welcoming party poolside? It's time for a Toby Sighting.

heydave said...

So that's it, no more McWeepy and The Waif, we're just on to the rolling folds of Wilbur?

No, not Creepy, smug nor abrupt at all.

Thorpnotized said...

I thought the first panel of the last three Sundays was the same exterior view of The Bum Boat, but in yesterday's version, the walls are a different color, and the drain from the gutter is no longer there. Perhaps the place was renovated last week.

Imogene said...

In my pre-coffee stupor, I thought Wilbur was talking to someone named Excitement, and that he'd been writing "Ask Wendy" with a faulty fountain pen.

And because it's MW, it didn't occur to me I might be wrong.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

That's right, Daddy-O! You better be feelin' some trepidation! When me and my twin sis show up, we're gonna show you who's the boss around Charterstone, and no, it ain't Mary Worth!

KitKat said...


If the favor is Mary taking over "Ask Wendy" yet again, I'm going to throw myself overboard, right off Jeff's boat.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this could be good! I think Wilber is going to ask Mary to be at his side ... at the ... lunch or whatever ... that Iris has asked Wilber to attend in order to introduce him to her druggie son. But.... more importantly, what's up with Mary's hair? Isn't she supposed to have lengthy locks tied up in some sort of "bun" at the back of her head? Lately, her hair-do is sort of a combination of Annie Lennox and Miley Cyrus and Alf.

meg said...

Wilbur looks forward to seeing Excitement and Enchantment, the identical twin exotic dancers who are appearing at the Elks Club on Saturday night.

Bobby the Soccer Player said...

Well, who didn't see Wednesday's plot coming...just as long as we don't have to watch Mary write the column like last time. Man, such a snooze fest.

I am glad to see old ham head getting some action in the comic. :)
Maybe he will have another Worthy award performance.

fauxprof said...

Well, KitKat nailed it yesterday (but please don't jump off the boat).

What does Wilbur live on when he's taking these breaks from his so-called job? Does Mary do the work pro bono, while Wilbur continues to collect his paycheck?

Personally, I'd tell Wilbur just precisely what he could do with both "Ask Wendy" and that blueberry muffin, but then, Mary is a much more refined person than I.

KitKat said...


Yesterday I wrote, "If the favor is Mary taking over 'Ask Wendy' yet again, I'm going to throw myself overboard, right off Jeff's boat." So...SPLASH!!!!

Okay, I understand that this strip is about Mary. It's not "Jeff Cory, M.D." or "Wilbur Faces Food." That being said, Karen Moy seems to have expelled the secondary characters we loved to mock. Dr. Adrian and her new hubby went off on their honeymoon and never returned. Dawn and Jim may still be in the hospital cafeteria. Dr. Drew, who hasn't been seen in years, was apparently abandoned by his father in Vietnam without even a mention. Instead of them, Ms. Moy is dropping in one-shots like DOSC, K2, and Frannie with Weepy Mommy. Argh!!! And now we're about to have more of Mary sitting in front of her huge, strange monitor, typing more "Ask Wendy" platitudes. We demand a Charterstone Pool Party!

Nance said...


Tossing KitKat a life preserver and a towel.

Sigh. KM must have a real whizzbang of a day job that is taking up a lot of her time and energy. This strip is certainly NOT.

Wilbur will not be a plotline, now that he's been safely tucked away. Mary will be in front of EnormoWirelessMonitor, pecking away:

Dear Wendy,
I am still deeply depressed about the death of my mother over five years ago. I feel so lonely and lost.
--Dark Sea

Dear Dark Sea,
When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to tear along the dotted line, shake well and pour into chilled glass. Continue travelling four miles, then turn left; insert tab A into slot V and bend inward to form a corner. Spray with sweeping left to right motion until desired coverage is obtained. And as the great sage, Jonathan Livingston Seagull once said, "I don't mind being bone and feathers, Mom."

heydave said...

I see that Mary is being very chic and has moved into a retro Pullman car. Trendsetter!

birdie said...

Somebody will send a note to Wendy, telling her of this wonderful anonymous lady who bought her dinner at the Bum Boat and changed her perspective on life at a time of crisis.

Mary's reply will alternate between smug and self-effacing so quickly that the strip will create a shimmer that will set off migraines across the country.

Well, it would, if anybody really read this comic strip.

BTW, my not-a-robot code word is "egolump". Yes, that describes her rather well.

Dave in Parma said...

And I thought he was awaiting the ham sammich delivery guy....

Dave in Parma said...

And I thought he was awaiting the ham sammich delivery guy....

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

I am panting for a pool party, darlings. And I simply can't bear the gauche prospect of Mary Worth typing platitudes to a bunch of losers while we just get to stare at her oversized monitor. Yikes!

fauxprof said...


Wow, Mary didn't look that alarmed while she was being mugged! Her whole expression reads "not in my condo complex!" She probably only believes in rehabilitation as a concept, not as a reality.

My guess is that Iris and Tommy will not be welcome at the next pool party.

KitKat said...


Wow, from self-aggrandizing smirk to horror struck in a nanosecond! It's surprising that Mary didn't spit her coffee/tea/whatever in Wilbur's face. BTW, she's worried about Iris, not Tommy. Mary has resented meddler-wannabee Iris for years, and all signs point to Iris as an uber-helicopter parent. What would a convicted felon who's been released to society need less than his hovering Mom "helping him transition"?

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