Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mary Worth 1779

When my work life gets too busy to even read Mary Worth, and I miss a classic strip like yesterday's, what with Wilbur pulling a steak knife on Ex-con Tommy, and with a passing reference to Santaroymart, I'm working too hard. Maybe I can get a new job pushing carts at Santaroymart.

Yesterday's Full Strip


Yahoonski said...

I understand how you can think "?" but not how you say it.

Sandi Ego said...

This is a panel of brilliance. The steak knife, the spoken ?, Tommy's priceless expression & gestures... Completely awesomesauce.

mar said...

Are there more than one personalities inhabiting Wilbur? In panel one he looks evil, in panel two (minus the knife) he looks like a harmless old man. It reminds me of Gollum/Smeagol (I just read LOTR for the first time).