Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mary Worth 1848

I haven't said much about this, yet, and I won't go into all the details, but I'm getting freaked out because this story that seems to be about intuition is somehow reflecting my own personal life in a number of really significant ways. Not the least of which is that I go in for surgery on a benign tumor in my neck on Wednesday.

There is another major life experience I have had that relates to a child (mine) and a pool (babysitter's), which has made it even harder to blog recently. I've really, really weighed the wisdom of sharing this publicly, but because it too involved an angel of mercy, it is just too sacred for me to share here. Maybe some day, but not now.

And yesterday, I used the words "easy-peasy" with a guest at work. So, yes, I'm worried that Karen Moy has somehow tapped into my brain.

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I Am Not A Robot said...

Apparently Olive's read the reviews of the Mountview Hospital. That or she has it on 'good authority' the angel of death likes to hang out there.

fauxprof said...

Of course you have a bad feeling about this, Olive, honey. You're guest-starring in a soap opera strip, indeed, the grandmother of all soap opera strips. So, even if the cyst is benign, the anesthesiologist will be incompetent. OR, you will comedown with a galloping case of hospital-borne MRSA. OR, Mary will come in and drop a big heavy gray book on your incision.

Failing that, there's always the pool.

Peggy Olson said...

Wanders, good luck with your surgery. I assume that your medical care will be better than Olive's.

If an elderly volunteer approaches, toss that bedpan and hightail it outta there!

Peggy Olson said...

It's time for Adrian Cory to return from her long honeymoon. Maybe Olive will meet her in the ER -- along with Jill Black.

Oh please. Oh, please. Oh, please!

KitKat said...

Wanders, I hope all goes well with your surgery. I trust that it is not at Mountview Hospital, which should be of great comfort! (And, in all seriousness, I can appreciate how uncomfortable these Worthiverse events intersecting with your life have been.)

Okay, what happened to the car interior in the second panel? It looks like Olive is standing up behind her parents. And, when did Charterstone become "Charterstone Apartments"? I thought it was a condo complex. Shouldn't the sign read "Charterstone, a Gated Community of Dysfunctional People"?

birdie said...

Wanders, when you feel up to it, I would like to hear the story of your child and the pool.

Don't let the comic strip freak you out. At least the cyst is not on your torso. I'm praying that all goes well and smoothly for you, and that the doctor doesn't use the term "easy peasy".

mrvy said...

Mr. Wanders, count on my prayers for health and peace. May it all go easy peasy. Auto correct did NOT want to accept peasy as a word, and who can blame it?

Yahoonski said...

Easy. Peasy. Queasy.

Best wishes to you, Wanders.

Tim said...

Yesterday, Olive wasn't worried about it, but today she has a bad feeling. Maybe it's because of the way that Ed is high-tailing it out of the Chartertone?

Toots McGee said...

I think this storyline is wonderful. The characters are shallow and none too convincing, but still...

I had my tonsils out around nine. At that time, we're talking mid-70s, I guess it was fairly routine to admit you to the hospital for this procedure, so I spent the night before and the night after the tonsilectomy in the hospital. It was one of the most surreal, disorienting and confusing couple days of my life. I had many "bad feelings" about the whole thing going into it. I've watched my father, in his seventies, go through two major surgeries in the last four years. I think he had many "bad feelings" throughout.

Wouldn't it just be a wonderful exploration of how a childlike imagination in matters of whimsy as well as "serious" things pervade life?

Yeah, I'm going overboard. I still am a bit weirded out by the bizarre parenting we've seen up to this point and Mary's brush with a branch on the head and the resulting dance number was nuts, but I still feel like Karen Moy is swinging for the fences here and I have to applaud it.

I chose this link for Wanders but the sentiment extends to everybody in the Mary Worth and Me Neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Pool incidents are scary. Benign lumps are scary. I hope you all are well and continue so.

Still feeling warmed by your kind words on my restaurant-mother unemployment-talk moments. I wish I could send some of that kindness back to you.

I absolutely agree with Toots McGee about the absurdity of this stuff - the weird parenting, how Mary is embracing childhood, the branch, the dancing - and I am really enjoying it and your commentary, Wanders.

Carlye said...

Trivia: the one phrase that is in every "Star Wars" movie is, "I have a bad feeling about this."

Wanders, I hope the lump is okay. I had a benign lump in my breast removed, and when they took it out they discovered that I had major breast cancer. So, it can't be worse than that. (By the way, I had a mastectomy, and I'm okay now. Easy-peasy).

r u ok? said...

Wanders - good luck with your surgery.

Sort of similar, albeit not so deep, experience. Mine was with MST3000 - I was a big fan. Crow was talking about how something was like being the assistant manager at Arby's, working a 12 hour evening shift, and then comimg home and drinking a couple of beers. I did exactly that for several months when in my early twenties (two Colt 45's after the 12 hour evening shift). Made watching MST3K different after that - a parallel life or something. It was like the TV character was speaking directly to me - weird feeling. No angels invloved though. No flower fairies either.

Anonymous said...

Wanders - positive vibes and prayers headed your way. And @Toots McGee - beautiful link.
I've got to get me a nickname. Tired of being an anonymous member of such a great neighborhood.

LouiseF said...

Here's to always having the kindness and compassion displayed here for any health worry we have. . .NPR has been running a series this week on stress, and reported a survey that the most often cited stress in American life is a health problem. So there, Olive's mom. Don't minimize your kid's concern. I wince when I see that she's about to speak. Same goes for her rhyming idiot of a husband. I think Mary should take custody of Olive. ..

F. Fredburger said...

Best wishes, Wanders!

Thorpnotized said...

"It's nothing to be worried about, kiddo! We'll go to Mountview, have it looked at, and if they recommend removing it, we'll get it done!"

"We'll have the cyst looked at, and if need be, have it removed! It's a minor procedure! It'll be easy-peasy!"

"Well, we had the cyst looked at, and they recommend we have it removed! No biggie!"

"It's malignant."

Sandi Ego said...

Wanders, I've experienced an unusual number of unexplained events in my life, so I understand how disconcerting the current storyline must be for you. I hope you meet some super nice volunteers at the hospital! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. (And shoot me an email if you ever want to compare notes on strange phenomena!)

Unknown said...

Wanders, best of luck with your surgery.

Neil Gieleghem

P.S. When it comes to Mary Worthy, I cite you and your wonderful blog to my friends as proof that, in fact, there is someone crazier than moi.

No, wait, I lied. I have no friends.

Again, best wishes and a speedy recovery.

Gina said...

Prayers going up for you, Wanders@

Gina said...

(That @ was supposed to be a ! Sorry! I'm getting a bad feeling about my typing skills.)