Friday, August 8, 2014

Mary Worth 1866

Don't tell her you're taking her to the doctors. Tell her you're taking her to the pet store. Then, after they cut off the cyst, give it to her and tell her, "Here, honey, here's your new pet."

I'm just relieved that through our mobilization and thanks to the 37 people who signed our petition (17 were required -- way to go!), Dr. Kapuht has been successfully removed from the Mountview medical staff. Thanks everyone for your help!

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Chester the Dog said...

"do you think she'll agree to it?" Olive is a kid with no say in the matter. you are her parents and are responsible for her well being. what a couple of losers. tee hee.

KitKat said...

If there was a Worthy Award for Worst Parents in the Worthiverse, Ed and Evy would be shoo-ins to win. Their daughter was so gripped by fear that she ran away and nearly drowned, and there's no discussion when they return to Charterstone?! Mary's meddling has been insufficient - she needs to kick it up several notches.

Ed appears to be reading the large-print version of the Old Farmer's Almanac. Maybe he swiped it from the waiting area at Mountview Hospital.

Peggy Olson said...

Chester the Dog, well said! Ed and Evy are such sorry excuses for parents. First, they leave the child with a doddering old stranger, so they can engage in grownup games. Then, they ignore her terror in the emergency room and sleep through Olive's near-drowning.

Now, the mother wants to defer parenting to her child's whims.

Mary needs to step in for some serious meddling - stat! Tee hee, indeed.

All that said, however, this storyline is much more enjoyable than Tommy Beedie or Dawn/Wilbur's cruise disaster.

Peggy Olson said...

KitKat, I agree! Next year's Worthy Awards should have a new category - Worst Parents Ever. Even Wilbur and Iris can't compete with Ed and Evy.

Nance said...

So...another lousy doctor! That makes three in this storyline.

1. Eddie
2. Dr. Kapuht
3. The Lung Tester, who never mentioned the Torso Cyst and said everything checks out okay.

Everyone in this Plot is horrible. Maybe Olive will prove the old adage that "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" and become an insufferable spoiled tyrant, causing Eddie and Evy to appeal to Mary for her excellent child-rearing advice.


Anonymous said...

Hmm....this just "Dawned" on me. This story line has been with us for most of the summer. Could Olive just be a ploy to attract younger readers to Mary Worth? - readers who would be off school for the summer, peeking into the comics in the paper, and, seeing a child, thinking it's about kids, for kids?

Also - I predict Olive has a vision or some kind of supernatural experience as she naps. Maybe the angel will tell her to stay away from her creepy parents.

Chin Napkin said...

Are Evy and Ed suffieiently caught up with each other? Isn't it time for Ed to return to NY to resume his professional duties? How can I get a few months off to catch up?

P.S. A minority of adults and very few children have any interest in newspapers and we all know that only those who contribute to this blog read Mary Worth.

Tony said...

Maybe it's just me, but I can't quite reconcile Evy's words with her gesture in Panel 2. The gesture would be more appropriate if she were saying, "So do we just give in to her?"

LouiseF said...

This strip definitely suffers from Weak Plotitis . If you have to show a frame that isn't witnessed by anyone (Dr. Kaput shooting up yesterday) in order to advance the story line, your tale is in trouble. . I must admit the flower fairies and the angel in the dream kind of make up for the weakness. Too bad that angel didn't see Dr. Kaput. She could have appeared to Ed or Evy and then they would know why Olive is so leery. . Can't believe I'm trying to help this make sense.