Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mary Worth 1870

"When someone gains my approval, Toby, they enjoy all the benefits that come with it. But they must be forever on their guard, lest they lose my approval and find themselves alone at the bottom of the pool. Olive has won my approval because she communes with the flower fairies. But, you, Toby... let's just say its been a long time since you've painted a clown."

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Toots McGee said...

Yes, I was with her when she fell in the pool, and despite what you might be thinking by looking at her giant head, Toby, she didn't float.

Toby, I would like you to paint a fresco of me diving in the pool in order to save my close, personal friend Olive Taylor. I will have Mr. Alora assist you by whitewashing the side of the pool cabana. I'd like you to get started right away, as I would like to unveil it at the next pool party.

Mike in Cleveland said...

So far, Mary has referred to Olive's insights only with oblique/cryptic remarks, as in today's "...inside and out." She's not even giving details to Gossip-Buddy Toby.

But Toby's really probing today: "Howja know she was drownin' at 2 am if you was asleep?"

BTW, I like Joe's symbolism in today's strip. In the first panel they are sitting in full daylight. But in the second, Toby is determined to bring the whole truth out of the darkness and into the light.

Will Mary reveal all? Could take the rest of this week to recap.

Muscato said...

Wait - we're at the wrap-up already? That's it? The simple fact that the senior Taylors hae learned that they must give in to their odd daughter's every wish has healed their tense marriage, there's nothing untoward about this cyst we've been hearing so much about, and now presumably they'll scram back to New York, destination of so many temporary Charterstonians?

Well, at least we can relax knowing that Mary and Toby's little chat might well take us through Labor Day.

And isn't Mary just a little fashion-forward there, in her crisp sleeveless sheath? Is she going to dump Toby and try and make happy hour at the Bum Boat?

KitKat said...

Mary's expression in the first panel registers 99.99% on the Smugness Scale. This expression on the face of any other person would break the scale, but Mary is always capable of more smugness, so adjustments have to be built in.

Mary's gloating that she's "developed a close relationship with little Olive" and thinks "she's beautiful...inside and out!" creeps me out. This is going way beyond "adopt a grandchild" - bleah.

Toby's Evil Clown said...

Looks like Queen Mary didn't get Olive out of the pool fast enough. The kid's head is filled with water. Be sure to update your flood insurance before you stick a pin in her.

meg said...

Although Mary resists telling Toby of her latest heroic meddle (now with added telepathic features), she is seething beneath the surface. Surely the Mary in the Pool at Midnight Meme should have swept through Charterstone by now!

Later, back in her Biddy Cave, Mary paces, dragging deeply on her Phillies Cheroot. Periodically, she swigs from a tumbler of Crown Royal, all the while contemplating her next moves.

At last! She's decided upon a course of action. She will pay a call upon Dr. Kapuht and find out why the poor man has been so slandered by the ditzy tyke Olive.

She puts on her best lavender pant suit and sprays a little sen-sen into her mouth. "Here I go to save Dr. Kapuht's job, just like I saved Shannon's at Pax Wellness Resort. Mary, my girl, you're a continuing wonder."

Meanwhile, at Dr. Kapuht's office, he has just finished injecting his experimental mustache-restorer. Excited by the success of his experimental mustache-remover, he is anxious to test the science of his work. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door.

"Yes, vat is it you vant?" "It is I, Mary Vorth. I have come to help you."

Some time passes.

Mary is back at Charterstone, staring in the mirror at the black handlebar mustache which she has sprouted. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" "It is I, Dr. Jeff, your sveetheart."


"Mary, my dear, I hate to tell you, but you looked better when your mustache vas white."

Sandi Ego said...

Toby sounds like she suspects Mary pushed Little Olive in the pool. "How did you come to be there?" Because that's just how people talk

Anonymous said...

Um, guys? Why hasn't anyone posted a review of "Searching and Other Stories of Mary Worth" on Amazon?

There are obviously some opinions here!

Drak said...

I am reading Searching" but one strip per day. So it is taking some time.

Nance said...

It's like Toby isn't really listening to all of what Mary is saying.

Mary: Yada yada yada I'm wonderful!
Toby: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so get on with the story and get to the good parts.

It will be Sunday before we get to anything "new" now that this "plot" is wrapped up. Mary has to recap for SlowToby.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

I came to be there as I chanced to dream, did I, that my Olive dear was of my saving presence in need.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Mary Worth is soooo wonderful!!! I admire her soooo much!!! (But I think that Toby suspects attempted murder. Mary better come up with some more juicy details ...)

I'm loving the Toby-Mary chat!