Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mary Worth 1879

Photobomb! (Thanks to long time Santa Royale Citizen Toots McGee for making this possible.)

Please tell me the next four weeks will be a dual PSA: Olive teaches Mary how to set up an email account, AND Mary teaches Olive how to swim! Because I think I would really enjoy this.

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fauxprof said...

How smug--er--nice of little Olive to teach the old lady how to use technology. Perhaps she ought to remember that Mary was not too decrepit to leap into the pool and save her life,

Swimming lessons in return for computer lessons, maybe?

Nance said...

Mary already uses a computer. She had to when she subbed for Wilbur's advice column. Remember how intuitive she had to be since it lacked a standard keyboard?

What I hope is that Mary learns a lesson about CyberBullying. I just know that the PinkCake Hecklers have a facebook page.

Yahoonski said...

It must be tough for Olive to manipulate all those tiny buttons with those huge man hands.

mrvy said...

Olive aged 10 years between panels.

KitKat said...

Fine work, Toots McGee, even down to the screen image on the camera! This blog has such talented readers.

Tomorrow: Mary takes three hours trying to set the photo of she and Olive as her desktop background.

I Am Not A Robot said...

Isn't it time for the Taylor family to head back to NYC already? Geez... what more is there to milk out of this plot? Well, besides the tearful farewell episode and subsequent floating heads.

birdie said...

Great job, Toots McGee!

meg said...

Santa Royale Whig-Herald

Charterstone Confidential

Bodegas and convenience stores all over the greater Santa Royale area are reporting record sales of the Santa Royale Enquirer. This week's issue includes covertly taken photos of Charterstone Condominium residents engaged in what can only be described as 'unusual' activities.

To wit: Professor Ian Cameron is seen tenderly nurturing the baby birds which have nested in his impressive beard.

Honorary condo majordomo Mary Worth is photographed sitting in front of a wall of security monitors (not flat-screen) with labels such as 'Toby's living room'; 'front hall, building A'; 'Wilbur's big verandah'; 'back hall, building B'; 'Mr. Allora's rabbit hutch'; and other scenes of ordinarily private areas. Worth is making notations in a workbook labeled 'Better Meddling Electronically.'

Free lance author and bon vivant Wilbur Weston is seen tenderly nurturing and nibbling the sandwich remnants which have fallen into his skimpy chest hair.

Teenager and reluctant hospital volunteer Dawn Weston is observed watching bootleg copies of "Orange is the New Lavender", while simultaneously picking her nose.

Faculty wife Toby Cameron is showcased while working on her next collection of paintings, "Nudes in Clown Make-up".

Mrs. Ivy Beedie is seen writing 'Mrs. Ivy Weston', 'Mrs. Wilbur Weston', and 'Ivy Beedie Weston' over and over.

Dr. Ed and Mrs. Evy Taylor are shown engaged in very corny adult behavior, rehearsing an Argentine Tango for their appearance in 'Dancing With the Docs', a benefit for Mountview Hospital.

Although not a Charterstone resident, Dr. Jeff Cory is seen slamming the door of Mary Worth's apartment as he leaves, with a peeved sneer on his handsome face.

And Dr. Karl K. Kapuht is seen having a lengthy chat with Tommy Beedie while Beedie loiters in a Charterstone alley-way.

Chester the Dog said...

Olive: Mary, whats a daguerreotype?Mary: Why, my high school photo, dear. Sigh.

KitKat said...

Karen Moy has a lot of nerve using a quotation that references "reality." Reality has never been much in evidence in this strip.

Was the camera a reward for surviving the near-drowning or the cystectomy? A better reward for the former would be swimming lessons.

Only a child in the Worthiverse would say something like "My parents and I will miss you when we return to New York."

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Sunday's strip:

Oh, no! This plot's coming to an end without any real closure! What about the flower fairies and the angel? Are they real? Is Olive imaginative, prophetic, or insane? What about Dr. Kapuht and his mysterious drug habit? Will Olive ever learn to swim? Why hasn't Tommy B. made an appearance? So many questions, so many possibilities!

To quote a Mary Worth character: "?!"

heydave said...

Photobomb.... Tee-hee!

pq said...

That's... not actually how selfies work, Olive. See, you face the screen TOWARDS you so you can see how the picture will loo... oh, never mind.