Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mary Worth 1981

A remarkable transformation indeed. It's almost as if she isn't even the same character anymore.

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KitKat said...

Too bad one of the changes Hanna didn't make was having an eye exam. Being able to see well could really add more than a spark to her life. Also, is ditching Amy and Gordy another change she's made?

Since Mary was pouring coffee from that little oil can/coffee pot/plant watering container on Tuesday, I figure Mary and Hanna are in Mary's apartment. Who is the guy in the photo? It sure doesn't look like Dr. Jeff to me.

Nance said...

I love the Opportunistic Comment that Hanna makes in Panel Two. That it's "not just because of Sean", but it's because she is moving to Somerset.

She's such a Big Picture Gal.

fauxprof said...

@Nance, you've got a point. True love, perhaps, but tempered by a healthy pragmatism. She's probably passed that hard edge on to Amy, who may try to scuttle Mom's happiness out of unenlightened self-interest.

r u ok? said...

Hey - who cut down the tree outside of Mary's apartment?

LouiseF said...

Better because she's moving to Somerset?? She wouldn't be jumping the 3-year waiting list UNLESS she was marrying into the place. . . Nice try, Hanna, but your "achievment" and improvement are hinging entirely on the fact you're marrying this guy. . . Blech. This strip has a decidedly unsettling undercurrent . . .

I Am Not a Robot said...

I don't know... I can't be snarky about Hanna's good fortune because compared to Mary, Toby and her obnoxious daughter Amy, Hanna is a lovely and decidedly less nausea-inducing character.

Now, if after the wedding Hanna suddenly displays signs that she's been playing Sean all along just to get into Somerset sooner, that would be different. That is NOT going to happen because KM doesn't have enough creativity to conceive of that kind of plot twist.

Shmoopie said...

Hanna seems to be the kind of gal who keeps a check list, so that, you know, she doesn’t inadvertently do things twice. Here is a partial list:

Graduate high school – check!
Learn to drive – check!
Learn to play the flute – check!
Marry dreamy guy from Local University – check!
Settle into cozy suburban home – check!
Raise one girl and one boy (no more!) – check!
Live though midlife crisis – check!
Sadly, bury husband (but let’s face it, women live longer) – check!
Move to Charterstone – check!
Get eye exam –
Occasionally babysit grandchild – check!
Get on waiting list for Somerset – check!

By her own logic, why would Hanna marry again? That item has been CHECKED OFF!

meg said...

So Hannah is going to move house- an ordeal at any age- and marry a guy ( a guy on the rebound from recent widowhood) she hardly knows and may not actually love- and risk her relationship with her only grandchild- just because she needs a ride occasionally. Are there no taxis in Santa Royale?

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Great discussion today! I'm wondering what Hanna will do if her relationship with Sean doesn't work out. She'll be homeless!

Carlye said...

The big question is, will Sean still have the picture of he and wife #1 on the piano after he marries Hanna? And what does Hanna do with her furniture?

Carlye said...

I think I should have said, "him and his wife". I've always had what Daffy Duck calls Pronoun Problems.

Cheverly said...

I can't wait for Hanna to meet Sean's grandkids! The one's she'll be taking care of after they're married and moved in together.