Friday, October 30, 2015

Mary Worth 2176

To avoid long-term parking fees, Mary carefully hides her car near the runway.

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KitKat said...

Considering that Mary's trip to NYC is so open-ended (she does have a LIFELONG WELCOME from the Taylors), why did she drive to the airport? Since Jeff wasn't available (harrumph!*), why not one of her other many friends, perhaps Sean Hastings? Wilbur Weston in his Oscar Mayer Weinermobile? Tommy Beedie in his 1982 Datsun?

*Mary's really ticked off at Jeff: "It's FINE. We're both ADULTS. And the next time that jerk invites me for a sunset cruise on that rust bucket of his, he's going to have an untimely fall overboard. That's if I even COME BACK to this backwater. Siri, call Ken Kensington now!"

Toots McGee said...

Mary has obtained an ultra special TSA pre-check status. She drives right up to the jetway and uses an airport security valet. It's what she does.

So, again with the "I wonder what's REALLY wrong with Olive" stuff? Mary exchanged emails with Olive and spoke to her father. She's flying across the country, but she doesn't know how Olive REALLY is? This is going to be....something.

It's true, though. Adults manage the world a lot more easily than younger people. Ian and Toby are adults. See how easily they handled that whole Food Team chicken fiasco.

Mike in Cleveland said...

Well, I've been to Santa Royale and the airport has free, no-time-limit parking. I have a car parked there right now, and I live in Cleveland. (Actually, it's a van. Lots of "luggage" in it.)

fauxprof said...

Given the duration of most Mary Worth scenarios--at least three months--a taxi would be a lot cheaper than long term parking. But you'd think that stay-at-home housewife Toby could drop the modeling clay for an hour, especially after sponging off Mary for a couple of weeks.

KitKat said...

I forgot to add this in my earlier comment: Hey Mary, you could have called Uber.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how all of you just assume Ian lets Toby drive.

Also, nice to see how Mary is finally admitting that she manages the whole world with her meddling powers, like some sort of Paul Blart Mall Cop of the universe. But it's weird that she included Jeff in on it. Maybe she lets him handle all East Asian countries.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Physician's seminar on the day Mary's leaving? Sure, that's a likely story. I think Jeff may finally be wising up.

Nance said...

I love KM's use of enormous, general terms like University Director and now Physicians' Seminar.

Doctor 1: Don't forget, we have the Physicians' Seminar at two.
Doctor 2: Of course. As physicians, we all have to go.
Doctor 1: I'm a biochemical geneticist; I hope it touches on lysosomal storage diseases and the new treatments.
Doctor 2: I'm a musculoskeletal oncologist. I'm really hoping it deals with palliative care of patients with metastatic bone carcinomae.
Doctor 1: See you there.

LouiseF said...

Air Traffic Control at Santa Royale appears to be asleep... Those planes in the air look dangerously close to one another. I wonder if we forget that Mary and Olive have that intuitive thing going on, which may explain Mary's ruminating on what's REALLY up with Olive. I, for one, think it is a cheap, unbelieveabl plot device. Love how Karen Moy combines the conventional in Mary Worth with the supernatural...

Yahoonski said...

I don't get it. If Jeff withdrew from the seminar, why can't he see Mary off? Oops, guess I imagined a period after "seminar." But did I imagine that Mary is so small that she appears to be driving a car behind the one she's supposed to be driving?

meg said...

"This is Hallowe'en, This is Hallowe'en"...Charterstone Style

There is a traditional, Mary-centric observance of Hallowe'en, held in the gazebo and combining elements of Truth or Dare and a seance. All guests are seated around a circular table with a large jack-o-lantern casting an evil glow from the center.

Mary: Bernie Sanders is my love child with Eugene V. Debs. I never wash my clothes. I cut the brake lines on Aldo's car.

Toby: I short-sheeted Mary's bed but she never noticed because she just passes out on her chenille counterpane every night. I've never actually sold a single piece of my art. There are over 400 unframed clown paintings under my bed, and I have a storage unit filled with hundreds of my gray clay 'figurines.'

Ian: I wear this green jacket all the time because I lost a bet with the Dean. If ye want to know what a Scotsman wears under his kilt, Ah will tell ye- talcum powder, because it keeps his bum from getting chafed.

Toby: TMI,dear.

Iris: If you're wondering why an attractive lady such as myself spends so much time with Wilbur, I'll tell you- I'm serving as a beard for him and Dr. Jeff.

Wilbur: I make up all the Dear Wendy letters. My clothing makes it look like I have a flabby dad bod, but I actually have a fabulous six-pack.

Dr. Jeff: Yes, he does. My romance with Mary is also a beard arrangement.

Dawn: I don't actually go to class or volunteer at the hospital. I hang out under the pier and smoke pot with Tommy Beedie.

Tommy: I actually miss prison. Sometimes I ask Jerry to stand over me with a gun while I mop.

Jim (Dawn's friend): My last name is Kardashian- I'm Jim Kardashian.

Hanna Dingdon Hastings: I hate living in Somerset. I hate Sean. I'm moving back to Charterstone. I've bought a new SUV- put that in your bagpipe and smoke it, Cameron!

Sean Hastings: I'm having an affair with our neighbor Felicia. Hanna is just too much woman for me.

Dr. Drew: Dad and I are bleeding Peace Village dry. Our donors just keep sending the checks no matter what.

Little Gordy: My mom and step-dad pray every night after I go to bed. I hear them saying Oh, God, oh, God over and over.

Olive: I can't wait until Auntie Mary comes to visit. And my parents have planned to go to the Poconos while Mary stays with me. Tee-hee!

Elinor Kinley: My romance novelist daughter and her hard-working husband lock me in my room every night while they canoodle. And tonight they're wearing costumes while they canoodle.

Mr. Allora: Mr. Donald Trump has very kindly sent me a bus ticket so I can visit my family in Guantanamera. I hope some of them are still alive after so many years.

Mary: Oh, stop your whining everyone!

Anonymous said...

Heads up everyone! Moy has some news on her web site.

"A MARY WORTH CROSSOVER is happening the week of November 2! Mary will briefly cross paths with a character from ANOTHER STRIP! Someone is stepping into Mary’s circle of trust! Can you guess who it’ll be?

It can't be Apt. 3G because that strip is being cancelled. Mark Trail is on a desert island, so he's out. Any guesses?

BTW Anonymous, we saw Toby drive to buy her chicken, remember?

Miss Scarlet

BrutusJ said...

I was just about to comment on this crossover announcement but someone beat me to it! Yesterday's comments on A3G made me Google to see if there had ever been a crossover between the strips before and I stumbled across this. Can Mary Worth, of all people, bring some sense into the absolute madness that has overtaken Apartment 3G in its last days?
Unfortunately probably not.

Either that or it'll be Little Orphan Annie and I'll be very disappointed, which I suppose is the hallmark of this strip.

meg said...

Considering that she packed a purple polka dot clown suit, I'm hoping she meets up with Zippy the Pinhead.

Muscato said...

The speed of this story arc has me dizzy; was it only last week that Mary first contemplated this trip? Now here she is at Santa Royale International, all set to jet off. At this rate, she just might be home by Christmas. Of 2016.

Joolz said...

Wow, three parallel runways, one of which leads right to the very short tower. I hope the air traffic controllers get hazard pay.

meg said...

Circle of trust...Meet the Parents...Robert deNiro...Taxi Driver... Mary's gonna have a hella cab ride.

Anonymous said...

Crossover possibility? I'm hoping for Michael Weatherly, on his way home to DC from NCIS:LA. Maybe some terrorist intrigue at the airport.

Petunia said...

That plane on the ground looks like Thunderbird 2. Maybe the crossover is with Thunderbirds Are Go!