Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mary Worth 2195

"The last time I was in Central Park, I was mugged. Let's revisit it. But with you, Olive, and your SPECIAL GIFTS, I feel so much safer."

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KitKat said...

It seems that at least one of them didn't finish her glop sundae. It also looks like there are no other patrons in Serendipity. You'd think that a place serving glop and filled with sinister teddy bears, suspicious objects stuck to the walls, and drapes that match Mary's coat would be packed.

Dare we hope that instead of the Central Park troll, Dr. Kapuht will be lurking, bent on revenge?

smooth said...

Isn't Mary tired yet? In just one day, she's packed, driven to the airport, flown cross country, almost had a cab ride accident, shared wisdom with a super hero's daughter, played nice with Olive's parents, had ice cream, and now a walk?

How about a change of clothes and a nap?

I do hope Shovey Shovington does show up though.

mrvy said...

I believe Dr. Kapuht died? Or was it a patient of his who perished?

Happy Thanksgiving to all the fine citizens of Santa Royale. I, for one, would be most thankful if we meet up with Ken Kensington in Central Park again. He and Mary had chemistry, at least compared to Mary and Jeff.

KitKat said...

And I was delighted to revisit "Some Enchanted Mugging," Wanders! Truly a classic! I'd forgotten Mary's odd posture and Ken Kensington's striped bathrobe coat. Mary resembles Angela Lansbury on a very bad day when she finally hits the ground. I doubt that Mary and Olive cavorting in the park can approach the heights established last year.

fauxprof said...

@mrvy. It was a patient who died, but I understand the confusion. When we first met Dr. Kapuht, he had a mustache, and looked a lot like Aldo Kelrast--who did die. I guess I presumed Dr. Kapuht was in jail, but he old have just gotten a slap on the wrist. So, it's quite possible he old be lurking in Central Park without even breaking parole.

fauxprof said...

For reasons best known to autocorrect "could" was twice transmuted to "old" in my post. I gotta start paying attention before I hit send.

Not Worthy said...

Repeating my comment from November 11 on how a real crossover could have worked:

- Mary befriends Heloise and receives a P/P necklace in gratitude and friendship
- Later during her stay in NYC, a mugger tries to accost Mary/Olive/the family
- The Phantom, secretly on holiday visiting his daughter, intervenes
- The legend of Phantom extends into NYC. Mary adds some value to Olive's family.

On today's Phantom:
"There are times the Phantom leaves the Jungle"
"and walks the streets of the town like an Ordinary Man"

Fasten your seatbelts Ladies and Gentlemen - this is about to get exciting!!!

Gina said...

Either the shadows in Serendipity behave very oddly, or the waitress needs to pull up her knickers on the right side.

Yahoonski said...

Did Olive slip and fall on that shiny floor in P2? She's either sitting on the floor or an invisible chair.

Petunia said...

Maybe the Ghost Who Walks will walk Olive right back to the jungle while Heloise goes back to her household hints column.