Friday, January 1, 2016

The 2015 Worthy Award Nominees

Dear Reader,

As 2015 draws to a close, it is our privilege to invite you to vote for your favorite moments of the year to be acknowledged later this month in the eighth annual Worthy Awards ceremony. The Condo Board has spent hours reviewing each private moment of our residents' lives, thanks to our secure and discrete video monitoring system.

We found that the Charterstone Jukebox was very helpful for clearing our brains of any intelligent thought, and establishing the proper mood for appreciating each of these moments. We hope you will listen as you cast your votes. The Jukebox is located in the column to the right on your computer browser, or you can launch Spotify here.

And now, for your consideration...

Outstanding Costume Design

Ian Cameron for "Masters Souvenir Jacket"

Adam Miller for "Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting"

Terry Bryson for "Mod Squad"

Terry Bryson for "Little Orphan Terry"

Outstanding Set Decoration

Carnival Cones

Pretty Big Computer-Like Thing

Deep Seated Therapy Couch

Looking Out Looking In

Outstanding Performance by a Guest Character

Terry Bryson

Amy Dingdon

Evy Taylor

Hilton Berkes

Taxi Driver

Outstanding Floating Head

Adam Miller

Ian Cameron

Olive Taylor

Sean Hastings

Panel of the Year

Up, Up and Away

Tastes Like Chicken

The Dirtiest Thing in my Home

Isn't it Romantic?

The Giant Dip

Can I Give You a Hand in the Kitchen?

Outstanding Performance by a Recurring Character

Ian Cameron in "Show Me the Green Money Card"

Jeff Cory M.D. in "One Fish Two Fish"

Mary Worth in "If Auntie Mame is Boring and Sanctimonious"

Toby Cameron in "I Have an Art Show to Crash"

Story of the Year

Christmas (and Easter?) in New York

Hanna Dingdon Gets Her Man... and his apartment

I Guess I Love you After All

Breaking Up is Hard to Read About

Thank you for submitting your votes. The polls will remain open until 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Sunday, January 10, and the Worthy Awards will take place no later than Monday, January 18.


The Condo Board


Sandi Ego said...

Perfect way to start the new year! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane, Wanders. That's quite a selection. It wasn't easy to choose.

tkraft said...

Wow! There were really that many story lines this year?! I guess so, but some days and some plots, it felt like just one lasted all year.

fauxprof said...

Such an embarrassment of riches. It was hard to choose, but wonderful fun. A perfect way to end New Years Day. (Wanders, was this your way out of helping to take down the Christmas decorations?)

Petunia said...

"Outstanding Floating Head"! I laughed out loud. Thanks, Wanders, I needed that.

Doug said...

Great! Reminds me, I have to get my tux dry cleaned.

mrvy said...

I did not notice the first time around that Sean Hasting's head floated OUT OF A CUP OF JAVA! That is worth celebrating.

Delilah said...

I agree with fauxprof - “an embarrassment of riches” ! Thanks for another wonderful year, Wanders! It always makes my day to read MW&M comments. Thanks everyone - and happy new year in the Worthiverse.

Sharon said...

So much bounty! We can't possibly make a wrong decision with all of these "worthy" contenders. Great job, Wanders and the Condo Board!

Saturday, Jan. 2: The word for the day is "saccharine." I could think of others, but this is the least uncomplimentary.

KitKat said...

"Embarrassment of riches" indeed! With emphasis on "embarrassment," Ms. Moy!

Saturday: We knew all along that Olive is Mary's Mini Me, so no surprise here. What crackpot kid with a brain in her tummy and hallucinations of flower fairies wouldn't aspire to be just like the Queen of Insufferability?

jerrybear said...

Hoping that Seymour (Little Shop of Horrors) will grab Mary and eat her. Seymour probably would get a bad case of food poison.
Olive has to be saved before it's too late!

Joolz said...

Competition in the Outstanding Costume Design category is especially fierce this year. Here's to even better-dressed adventures in 2016.

Peggy Olson said...

Wanders, this year's Worthy contenders are the best ever -- especially the Floating Head and Panel of the Year categories.

Thanks for the embarrassment of riches and laugh-out-loud memories. I forgot about Toby's pouting and wonderfully bad animal sculptures.

Let's hope we see more flower fairies, Mary heroics, and floating heads in 2016.

Joe said...

OMG... laughing out loud, and REALLY having a hard time making choices, especially Outstanding Set Decoration and Panel of the Year... so many exquisite options! Thank you, Wanders.

Anonymous said...

For Best Costume design, I would like to nominate the intriguing avant-garde black bodysuit worn by Hilton Berkes in the first panel. Having the sleeves originate at elbow-level may not be very practical but he certainly does cut a dashing figure!

meg said...

Fun fact: Ian has a blue version of his astroturf jacket ( Mary Worth 1908 ).

Nance said...

Love voting for the Worthies! Will Gordo get a special award this year, a la Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Andy Rooney, et al, like they did for the Oscars? He certainly belongs in that esteemed group.

Tough call on so many, but if Jeff With The Fish Coming Out Of His Head does not win, I may pout for days.

Just sayin'.

richardmoderate said...

wonderfully insane-it took me hours to decide between three handed Mary or Mary and her doorknob

CJ said...

I didn't realize that I could vote for the Worthies! I had a blast... and took it way too seriously, of course.

I also would have gone with Gordy for Guest Character had that been an option. All of the nominees are deserving, but I tended towards Toby and Ian material because that seemed to be the most consistently hilarious story this year.

HeavenlyJane said...

Once's so hard to choose. What a great year it's been at Charterstone. Here's to more platitudes in 2016

Bo Jr. said...

Ian Cameron's floating head looks like Zardoz

Captain Obvious said...

I like to throw in a write-in nominee for word of the year.....SPLAK!!!