Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mary Worth 2353

Good ol' Mr. Allora got them all moved in today. Of course, Tommy was no help at all, and he looks just fine. I'm starting to wonder if this was all a big ruse to score a few narcotics. At least Tommy's reflection is still in pain.

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KitKat said...

Mr. Allora even put the toothbrushes in a cup on the sink! Maybe you can borrow Mr. A in addition to the magic hand truck, Wanders. It's quite an upscale bathroom in the new digs. Instead of a mirror, just look into the tile.

Iris has her hand on the door - did she bust into the bathroom? For Pete's sake, Ma, give your son privacy! Have your intrusive conversation in the kitchen or living room.

I foresee Iris staking out Jerry's Sandwich Shop, snooping on Tommy and Tina Baby. Of course, I assume that Tommy is still at Jerry's. Perhaps he moved on to another job elsewhere, maybe at Diner.

LouiseF said...

Since "THE MEDS ARE WORKING!" is rendered in bold, I assume I should pay more attention to that, not that I have forgotten that Tommy WAS in prison for drugs in the past...His mom is exhibiting utter cluelessness letting her drug-addict-in-recovery son be prescribed vicodin...Guess she has been missing all the press about heroin addiction arising from prescription medicine...How about a chiropractor and some physical therapy maybe, or even better, YOGA! We know who can help Tommy out with that.

fauxprof said...

I would rather look at Ian's AstroTurf sports jacket than the Tweedlebeedies' almost-matching bad hair. Funny, KM has produced some pretty good characters (Nola and Jill for example, until they reformed). Now we get the Tee-Hee Taylors, Harlan, and--shudder--Tommy and Iris.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

@fauxprof: Oh, God! Nola Wolvenson! YESSSS!!! Bring her back! PLEEEEEASE!