Monday, July 25, 2016

Mary Worth 2362 - Goodbye Joe

Well, it's official. Uncle Joe Giella has retired. I've never met him, but, oh, how I enjoyed his art. He just seemed like the kind of sneaky, funny guy you wish were a relative... I guess that's why we started calling him Uncle Joe. Anyway, I wanted to showcase some highlights from the last seven or eight years I've been blogging here, but of course this list would be way too long. So here are the Panel of the Year winners from the the Worthy Awards starting with 2008.

But first put a free token in the Charterstone Jukebox and listen to Laura Nyro singing "Goodbye Joe" and enjoy.

 2008 (okay, this one was the runner up):









Petunia said...

It just isn't going to be the same without Uncle Joe.

Meanwhile, where is Drew?

Petunia said...

Meanwhile, today's strip seems to have a literal example of ominous foreshadowing...

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Uncle Joe. We will miss your talent and whimsy. And goodbye to Chin Napkin. We will not see your likes again.

KitKat said...

What a trip down memory lane - thanks, Wanders. I'd forgotten how much Joe's version of Michelangelo's David looks like Steve Martin.

Joe must have missed his action comics days a lot - the action scenes in Mary Worth have become few and far between. Drawing a blissfully drugged out Tommy Beedie can't compete with a warehouse shootout.

As for today's strip, maybe the stressed Iris can tap into Tommy's Vicodin supply. It's done wonders for him - he may never get out of bed.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

I will miss Joe Giella!
I enjoy June Brigman's art, too, though. It looks great.
But ... today's Iris is looking pretty haggard. Tommy's troubles must be getting to her ... although dialogue-wise, she seems completely clueless as to the bad idea of giving a former drug addict superstrong drugs for an ailment that doesn't require them.

Anonymous said...

Am grateful to Uncle Joe for the years of entertainment and wish him the best.

I bought my daughter Mary Worth drink coasters and throw pillows for her dorm room as a man-repellent.
They overachieved.
Any of the Panels of the Year would be equally effective.

fauxprof said...

I will miss Uncle Joe. I am positive he drew the strip with a twinkle in his eye, deliberately seeking to amuse us. "Reminds me of Dave" may be the most hilarious, laugh-out-loud panel ever produced!

Still, I have high hopes of June. Today she gave us the Charterstone wainscoting. Who's to say that the ants and chin napkin won't show up, too?

Delilah said...

"Reminds me of Dave." That made coffee come out of my nose the first time it was posted and again today.

DWET said...

"Reminds me of Dave!" (And "Life is brutal!) were really great, but of this post, "An open bar was not the best idea" has to be my favorite. Bring back Jill Black! She really knows how to disrupt a wedding ... er, protest against the patriarchy!

Eve said...

All I want to to snark on amusingly badly written and drawn comics . . . Apt. 3G is gone (along with Lampy and Drapey!) and now Mary Worth is attempting "good" artwork, totally defeating its purpose.

Off to Mark Trail I guess, their new artist is even worse at drawing people than their old one was.

Nance said...

I cannot wait for the first Panel that "Reminds Me Of Joe".

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Art looks great today, but what is that football-shaped gray object in P2?

Well, Iris, you should have asked Dawn to be your study partner. Then you wouldn't be quite so stressed! (I think Harlan Jones gave her the test questions in advance ...)

KitKat said...

Iris really is stressed and in a hurry - note that she skipped a step.

@DWET at 12:29 PM, I think the football-shaped object is a bird bath, though it could be a strange lighting device. This is Charterstone after all.

Anonymous said...

Is that the Lombardi Trophy?

Anonymous said...

I am going to miss the extra fingers, hands and such the most. It was always a treat to find one of those.