Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mary Worth 2369

Tommy, here's something that may help you actually enjoy being a Blue Man. A trip to Town Diner!

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Anonymous said...

Tommy, please act impulsively on this need for relief. The outcome can't be good so let me get you started on your way.

Dr. Kapuht is running a 24 hour holistic clinic and can prescribe a California medical marijuana card for you, even at 3:30 in the morning. Just tell him you have a tummy ache.

You'll need $60 for the examination. Take a look in Moms purse. Iris probably doesn't have any cash but you should find enough change for bus fare downtown.

I'm sure Mary has it though. Find Mr. Allora's ladder behind the shed and use it to climb up to Marys balcony. Try not to whine about the back and tummy ache or you might wake her. Remember the last time you tried to break in and got caught. Mary made coffee and cookies and proceeded to give a 4 hour talk on the importance of being good neighbors.

Don't forget to grab extra cash for the medicine at Dr. Kaphut's Green Dreams Dispensary next door.

fauxprof said...

Moy is treating us to a really, really lame after school special from the late sixties.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Somehow, I'm diggin' it!
Tommy, for all-over body pain, what you really need is a full-body massage from ... DAWN! (I would write about the type of "ending" that she would be "happy" to give, but I suspect that that might not be family-friendly ...).

Anonymous said...

Wanders, I'm with you... I loved / love Blue Man Group... first saw them a million years ago in Boston when they first started. Back to Tommy's sitch... hope that accident at Jerry's wasn't Blue Man Poop!

Peggy Olsen said...

Tommy, I know the Blue Man Group. You are no Blue Man Group.

Maybe Dawn is working at Dr. Kapuht's clinic to pay for endless college classes. That would be so cool.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, when you are up on Mary's balcony, look for her Jenkem bottles. They will have a yellow brown look to them with a ballon covering each bottle.
Start inhaling these and you will be in your own private Zambia for several hours. Be careful climbing back down the ladder.