Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 Worthy Award Nominees

Attention, Citizens of Santa Royale! It is that time of year again! Time to vote for your favorite Mary Worth Moments and choose our 2016 Worthy Award Winners!

Voting is open to every man, woman, and child, regardless or race, religion or national origin. I'm talking to you, Mr. Allora.

We will be celebrating the victors on New Year's Day in a very special awards ceremony. So vote often, and don't miss the big show on New Year's Day! Polls will be open through December 25th!

 Please cast your vote for...


 Harlan Jones in "Title IX"

 Dr. Jeff Cory M.D. in "No Need to Rush Home"

 John Dill in "Thanks for Visiting My Dreams"

 Tommy Beedie in "Floating Head Shop"

Mary Worth in "Reversed Floating Head"


 Dr. Leone in "Yes, I'm a Doctor"

 Harlan Jones in "The Yoga Code"

 Homeless Man in "Everything But My Faith."

 Sabrina in "The Teen-Aged Meddler"

Mr. Allora in "You're Late! Everything that Happens Next is Your Fault!"

Olive Taylor in "Meddling Munchkin"



 Chaos Must Be Controlled

 Olive Can Read Your Mind

 Care for a Cup of Perspiration?

Good Grief, Charlie Brown

 Pork Chops and Acrobats

 Joe Giella's Last Mary Worth Panel



Dawn Weston in "The Yoga Code"

Iris Beedie in "It's All Mr. Allora's Fault"

Mary Worth in "The Yoga Code"

Toby Cameron in "The Yoga Code"

Tommy Beedie in "It's All Mr. Allora's Fault"



Meddling in Manhattan

 The Yoga Code

It's All Mr. Allora's Fault

Well,that's all the categories for this year. Cast your votes now, and be sure to tune in for the 2016 Worthy Awards on January 1st.


Regina the NY Diva said...

Thank you Wanders for picking out the best! So much to choose from this year! The only complaint is in the voting you left out "Pork Chops and Acrobats". I was going to vote for that one just from the awesomeness of the title you gave it.

fauxprof said...

Thanks for another stellar array of nominations, Wanders! But, like Regina, I truly wanted to vote for "Pork Chops and Acrobats". I do love the tribute to Uncle Joe's last panel, though, with Mary looking like a dyspeptic old man/turtle.

Wanders said...

@Regina: Thanks for catching that. I've added it back to the poll. Vote away!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like there should have been a "None of the Above" option this year?

Wool Worth said...

Thanks for the look back of 2016, Wanders. You've also made me miss Joe Giella that much more. Even though June is a very talented artist, Joe's work really fit this strip so much better.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Thanks for putting that together, Wanders! Voting was a blast!

I think you should change the name of the category "Outstanding Story of the Year" to "Mediocre Story of the Year." That would be more accurate. I found the first story of the year pretty boring, and the last two--especially the one where Mary and Iris take former drug addict Tommy to get drugs and say NOTHING to the doctor about his past--boring AND maddening! At lease plot #2 was kind of funny, so I voted for that.


Regina the NY Diva said...

Thanks Wanders. I was thinking another great panel in "The Yoga code" saga would have been Dawn being confronted by the 40 year old "Mean Girls". But there's so much to pick from, you can only do so may!

Downpuppy said...

Fun stuff. If you'd used the "Title IX" name all through, it would have been a sweep.

We can only hope June produces at least a few worthy panels next year.

Yahoonski said...

DWET: I'd prefer "Most Ridiculous Story of the Year."

Cacophonix said...

I echo Wool Worth's comment. Wanders, your excellent choices for the Worthy Awards have reminded me of the charm of Uncle Joe's artwork! It's just not as much fun to be snarky with the June's updated artwork which is, by most accounts, more culturally accurate. I miss Uncle Joe!

Janna said...

Tommy Relapses For Want of a Hand Truck is my favorite, but that chaos panel, where Mary uses her mind powers to momentarily disband order so Olive can learn a lesson at the expense of an ice skater, is a thing of wonder.

Peggy Olsen said...

Anonymous, there should be "All of the above" options, especially for the Outstanding Panel nominees. The best storyline was a difficult choice, too, because there were several mind-numbing, neverending choices. I chose Dawn and the Professor because it was the most morally reprehensible and inspired the best discussions/rants among us Worthi-commentators.

Wanders, your references to Mr. Allora were wonderful. The poor, mistreated, silent custodian.

ae said...

I have gotten so used to Moy/Brigman that the Giella strips are really jarring. Great recap of The Year in Worth.

Sandi Ego said...

Thank you for assembling those amazing panels and creating the ballot. If my choices don't win it will be because of Russian hackers or those millions of illegal voters.

Islamora Girl Helen said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this poll.

MoseBusby said...

JOE GIELLA LIVES HERE! For everyone above who really misses Joe Giella, and to the writer of "Mary Worth and Me," I want to recommend an impossibly satisfying Giella-rich book. It's called "The League of Regrettable Superheroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History" by Jon Morris. It's a very funny book to begin with, but recently I was looking at a particularly hilarious failed superhero of the past, and thought: that looks so much like Joe Giella's "Mary Worth." I looked for a signature, & sure enough, it was Joe's work. It turns out that Joe's artwork is represented more often than any other artist. Throughout the book, Morris credits the creators of each superhero, but doesn't credit the artist who drew the image we're looking at. He never once mentions Giella. But Giella is in there over & over again, and I'm not even sure that Morris realized how often he was celebrating Uncle Joe's work. But you will! It's so much fun to spot Joe's work & then look for the signature we love so much.