Wednesday, December 20, 2017

2017 Worthy Award Nominations

The Charterstone Condo Board is pleased to announce this year's nominees for 2017's Worthy Awards. Each daily strip has been carefully reviewed by the Condo Board, and this year's nominees represent the best that Mary Worth has to offer.

You are invited to vote for your favorite in each category. Winners will be announced at the 10th Annual Worthy Award Ceremony on January 2, 2018.

Our first category...


The nominees are:

Entertainer Esme in "Ginger vs. Mary Ann"

 Fabiana in "But there are no beaches in Bogota"

 Medical Assistant Jared in "For the Love of Bagels"

Torn in "Ask Wendy Again"

Our next category is:


The nominees are:

 Derek Hoosier: Katie! Stand Back!

 Entertainer Esme: Nooooo!

 Medical Assistant Jared: AUGGH!

 Fabiana: You'll need a drink to do this!

Smoker: Tiny puffs of smoke

Our next category is:


The nominees are:

Dawn Weston: Tommy's Not the Only One Who Found Religion

Entertainer Esme: That Dress

Fabiana: Leopard Skin Perfection

Toby Cameron: Leapord Skin Wanna Be

Our next category is:


This new category is thanks to Santa Royale Citizen Nance, who composed short poems using the bolded words of each day's strip.

The nominees are:

"In International Waters, People Start Talking Like The Hulk"

Gorgeous hunk? Have!
Is passenger! Know off-limits!
Me--challenge. Want!
Can. Should!

"In Which You Can Either Read This As A Metaphysical Treatise On Adulting Or The Alternative Lyrics To Whip It By Devo"

Work grind! Change pace!
Wrong! Like! Vibe this!

"Meaningless Blather From Blabbing Blondes" or "If The Patty Duke Show Theme Song Were A Boldface Haiku"

Switch? I'm you!
Yeah! Here! You me!

"Thanks To Zak And All Bran, Things Are Moving On"

Sorry, moved
Not! That's!
Too late. Friends...

"If A Tree Falls In The Irony Forest And Only An Oblivious Pot Is There To Hear It, Is The Kettle Still Black?"

New boyfriend...
Why? Attractive couple, happy.
Don't know. Younger!

Our next category of nominees is:


The nominees are:

 Dr. Ned Fletcher

 Tommy Beedie

 Wilbur Weston

 Wilbur Weston

 Wilbur Weston

Our next category of nominees is:


The nominees are:

 Mary Worth

 Dawn Weston

Iris Beedie

Wilbur Weston

Our next category of nominees is:


The nominees are:


Bogota Beach

Star Wars

Riding Horses

Our next category of nominees is:


The nominees are:

 The Hoosiers are Cruisers

 Han Solo and Luke Skywalker Can't Both Love Princess Leia

 Ask Wendy

Iris Loves a Poor Man

Iris Loves a Rich Man

Bogota Blues

Thank you for voting! And don't forget to leave a bribe in our tip jar! Thank you very much for all of your wonderful support throughout 2017.

I wish everyone a merry holiday season! Tune in on January 2 when our winners will be announced.


Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

Wanders, for me the voting was so hard, because all of them are worthy of the Worthy awards (no pun intended).

Congratulations to Nance for her special place in this year's awards. Nance, I look forward to your bold face Haikus everyday. The titles always make me laugh. You are also worthy of a Worthy award. (Again. no pun intended.)

If Wilbur's AUUGH doesn't win a Worthy award, I'll call foul. That should be a Lifetime Achievement Worthy award.

fauxprof said...

Thanks, Wanders, for a spectacular slate of nominees. Including Nance’s wonderful boldface haikus (where the titles are the best day-brighteners known to man) was a master stroke. Unlike other awards, where I haven’t seen most of the movies or TV shows, I feel fully invested! And a hearty AUUGH to all the Worthiverse!

Downpuppy said...

Lots of recent stuff, even without Wilbur in the bush.
Nice that Moy is getting inspired.
Afraid Wilbur might split the vote, because there are no weak contenders.

Anonymous said...

The toughest choice was the haikus. Thanks for including them, Wanders, and great work, Nance.

BTW, there is no question whatsoever about the Panel of the Year. If Wilbur in a Speedo doesn't get 98% of the vote, that means the Russians have hacked it or something.

-- Scottie McW.

LouiseF said...

My biggest surprise was that there have been six (6!) stories this year, a relatively light-speed pace of storytelling for the Worthiverse. I also want to thank every one of you funny, quirky folks who post here daily. I have definitely needed a diet of consistent snark this year, and everyone came through as champions in my book. Wishing everyone a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

If the Worthy Award Ceremony doesn't feature salsa dancers, I will be very surprised. Or maybe a Star Wars tribute in honor of poor Jared who disappeared from the Worthiverse much too quickly.

Dave in Parma said...

My favorite time of year!

Yahoonski said...

Kudos to you Wanders for all the work you put into the Worthies, congrats to Nance, and thanks to all for your comments. Now, if I may address today's strip, I'd like to call your attention to the fat folds on Iris's suddenly bare midriff, an intimate glimpse that no doubt exacerbates Wilbur's feelings of dispossession. I'd also like to remind Wilbur that being a professional and being into illegal activities are not mutually exclusive.

Nance said...

Once again, Wanders, you've put in a tremendous amount of work for this year's Worthy Awards. They are stellar. I'm so honored to be included! Thank you to everyone for such kind and complimentary words. Boldface Haiku is a simple happiness for me; I'm glad it is for others as well.

KitKat said...

Bravo to Wanders for a stellar achievement with this year's Worthy Awards! You amaze me every year - I bow to you, sir. Including Nance's haikus was a brilliant addition. I also appreciated the positive reinforcement you gave after I voted in each category - that was the cherry on top.

Nance, I can't wait to see you on the Worthy Awards red carpet.And who will you be wearing?

Re today's strip, I hadn't noticed Iris's bare midriff until Yahoonski pointed it out. Iris has gone full Zak Attack - I bet they are on their way to the tattoo emporium. Maybe Wilbur will follow them on a bicycle, puffing all the way.

Matt said...

I think when we see the results, they will only serve to underline that 2017 was the Year of Wilbur!

Duke of Earl Grey said...

I suppose write-in votes are not allowed, but it's still 2017, damn it, and there was no more Outstanding Floating Head this year than yesterday's Iris head floating in Wilbur's coffee steam.

Anonymous said...

It was especially hard this year because the artwork is so much better!

Uncle Jim said...

Can we write in "Iris in Coffee Steam" for Floating Head?

Cassandra Cat's Lawyer said...

Though there are other fine candidates, I must concur that "Iris Head In Coffee Steam" is clearly the "worthiest" selection for 2017's "Outstanding Floating Head". So this is my write-in vote!

(And if more than one write-in vote is allowed? Well ... this is also my 2nd through 137th write-in votes.)

BP said...

I might have let head canon in the way in voting for the cruise story. In my mind, an emotionally charged and soaked “Ginger and Mary Ann” going back to the cabin could only lead to one thing.