Saturday, February 20, 2021

Mary Worth 3572

Yes! Max got his third dimension back and he is adorable!

I want to hear about all the times he saved Eve's life, though. Not just the one time he took the bullet. Like the time Gary tried to push Eve off the cliff, and Max caught her by the neckerchief but went over with her and cushioned Eve's impact by landing underneath her. Or the time Gary tried to run Eve over with his car, and Max shoved her out of the way and got run over. Or the time Gary tried to drop a giant anvil on her from the second story window, and Max caught it in his mouth and crushed his skull. You know, those times.


tkraft said...

It's official: This strip has gone to the dogs. Every time I think that MW plots and pacing couldn't possibly get more excruciating, I'm proven wrong. Well done, Karen and June! Woof!

Anonymous said...

A suggestion for tomorrow's quote box:

"Thus, they remain epitomes of platitude and banality." -- Avijeet Das

-- Scottie McW.

KitKat said...

Wanders, although all those rescues by Max sound enthralling, I’m so sick of Eve and Saul I will bang my head against the table repeatedly if we are sentenced to another week of this. What kind of sadistic monster is KM, anyway?

Scottie McW., you found the ideal quotation. That sums it up perfectly!

meg said...

What this strip needs is a crime and a courtroom drama to follow. Doesn’t even have to be a criminal trial- I’d settle for a nice civil suit involving Ian v. Santa Royale Community College in the mater of his denied tenure.

Or Mary and her decades-long imposture as the unofficial manager of Charterstone- the official owner of the ‘Stone wonders what happens to the (very high) condo association fees after Mary collects them. There’s something dodgy about Dr. Jeff’s fund-raising for orphans in Vietnam. Zak is short-squeezing Zakiks stock.

I’d love to see a really tough prosecuting attorney asking tough questions. Anything but another love story! Yet I suppose there’s still hope that Eve- ably assisted by the loyal Max- actually did moider Gary.

Anonymous said...

meg - This strip is a crime.


Chester the Dog said...

What if Eve is lying?

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