Monday, April 5, 2021

Mary Worth 3606

It seems like Karen Moy is having trouble coming up with a new story to tell (and June Brigman is having trouble coming up with new art). I hope it will be worth the wait. But as long as I keep reading scintillating dialogue like this, I'm fine.

Also, guess what the Wanders family had for Easter dinner? Salmon, of course!


fauxprof said...

We are in the ninth circle of the Worthiverse, with no escape possible. Even Wanders has joined the Cult of the Salmon. The food court dialogues will go on for another week—or possibly, years. June, draw us a panel in which alien space cats destroy Santa Royale. Only Libby, Greta and Max survive.

Anonymous said...

Have you checked on your cat today, Wanders?


KitKat said...

After yesterday’s last panel showing Eve and Saul arm and arm and heading to the food-court light, I really, really, REALLY thought a new story would launch today. Oh NO, we’re still stuck with the Insipid Duo! Have Mary and the other remaining characters (a shrinking group) gone on strike because KM won’t pay them? Is a bot writing the strip while KM lolls poolside somewhere?

I like salmon, and the Wanders’s Easter dish looks very appetizing. I would happily join your table, Mr. W. I recognize strawberries, too, something June hasn’t attempted. Was dessert a banana-bread lamb cake with Gram’s secret ingredient?

Nance said...

Today's Boredface Haiku is titled

"Side Effects Include Nausea, Bloating, Fatigue, And Thoughts Of Suicide".

Me too!

Anonymous said...


Oh well, fool me four times, shame on me. (Suggestion for the Charterstone Jukebox: "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who.)

Alas, I'm finally resigned to the eternity of this story line. I guess this is the now Saul, Eve, and Furry Friends Show, and Mary joins the rest of the cast as a recurring character.

-- Scottie McW.

P.S. Wanders, you're a wild man!!!

Hermite said...

Ha,even Mary is so tired of this "story"she moved to Hootin'Holler.

Tim said...

I for one am happy a topic as sensitive as spousal abuse is being handled by Karen Moy. It would be unfortunate to have it handled by someone ham handed. It would be most unfortunate if the writer thought the sight of a mannequin would be a trigger.

Anonymous said...

I agree, fauxprof and Scottie McW. I'm a little worried about Wanders. He is looking way too excited about those salmon squares.

Scene from the Wanders' kitchen on Easter Sunday morning:

Michelle: "But, Wes, why do I always have to serve the salmon cut into squares? It presents so much better the way I used to serve it before you star..."

Wes interrupts: "Michelle, will you work with me on this? Huh? Huh? Just cut the damn salmon into squares, will you? Sheesh... I don't ask for much..."


Chester the Dog said...

Is it session or sessions? Get it right!

And Mary makes a cameo in Snuffy Smith today, purple turtleneck and all! Check it out!

Tim said...
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Jerry Smith said...

Were there ever any characters in this strip other than Saul and Eve? I've lost track. Even the dogs have moved on ... IF there is a next storyline, it should involve the mannequins and how they lost their heads. Maybe Gary was involved.

meg said...

Maybe Gary had an Armie Hammer-type basement?

LouiseF said...

Can't pass up the opportunity to notice that yesterday's quotation "Forgiveness is just another word for freedom." segues nicely into "'Freedom's' just another word for 'Nothing left to lose'", which I fully expect will headline next Sunday's strip, which by then will be featuring a giddy Eve and Saul (and their pets, of course) riding a Greyhound to the East Coast. Saul will be playing harmonica as Greta howls, while Eve will be wearing a dirty red bandana that matches one on Max.

tkraft said...

I'm always amazed that in the Worthiverse, walking down a park path can take a week, whereas addressing a serious mental health issue in therapy can literally occur effectively overnight! It sadly trivializes a serious issue. OK, stepping off soapbox now. Thank you.

Downpuppy said...

No no no no! Easter dinner is supposed to be pigmeat, n order to say "No more dietary laws! Lent is ovah!"

Salmon is like continued penance. Even if it is, as it appears to be, delicious.