Friday, June 4, 2021

Mary Worth 3655

So it's not just cell phones. Ashlee has never been able to hold any phone comfortably:


Vince said...

How was it possible for Drew to take such a small bite out of his sandwich? I know the sandwich has to last for several days, but come on.

KitKat said...

Props to Ashlee for her cleverness with euphemisms. “My father’s new home was huge, with a large staff attending to him.” Apparently no barbers at the big house, though.

Wanders, I also noticed the absence of earrings.

toytuba said...

But her hair beads (on her left side) are pink. I wonder if the right side is blue.

Anonymous said...

"He gets paroled tomorrow. He said he'd like to meet you."

"Sorry. Tell him I'm fresh out of Rolexes."

-- Scottie McW.

@KitKat your inventive description of prison reminded me that I sometimes like to tell new acquaintances that I spent the summer of '67 living in a huge commune. We spent all day outside, and we ate all our meals together. We wore funny clothes and spoke our own funny language. I'll never forget that place: Fort Dix, New Jersey.

KitKat said...

Scottie McW., that commune must’ve been groovy!

Anonymous said...

@KitKat, Ha haaaa, it was far out, alright. We had all these gurus who taught us many new things, like how to march in formation and clean a rifle. It was fab.

-- S. McW.