Sunday, July 18, 2021

Mary Worth 3689

"It's five grand, five thousand clams, 50 Benjamins, quite a lot of moolah, five thousand smackers, a real bucket of samolians, five thousand smackaroonies... what I'm really trying to say is, it's a lot of bread. But I'm happy to lend you the dough so I can share you with the world."


KitKat said...

“A fool and his money are soon parted” would have been even better than today’s Lana Del Ray quotation.

“You’re beautiful, babe!” “No, YOU’RE beautiful, babe!” “No, YOU’RE…!” etc. etc. [yawn].

Tomorrow: Ashlee introduces Drew to her new agent, Ted Miller.

Downpuppy said...

An empty street at night in Santa Royale can only mean..TROUBLE!
Ashlee's old pal Vin offering to smoke the peace pipe?
Wilbur Weston 3 sheets to the wind and covered in noodles?
Dawn Weston working a grift?

Charlie said...

I've heard of Lana del Rey, but who is Lana del Ray?

RobC said...

Wow, that's a lot of cabbage.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Drew. Great return on your investment. I’ve seen more passion between Mary and Jeff after he agreed to pay for the upgrade from fries to onion rings on her fish stick platter at the Bum Boat.


Anonymous said...

"When someone else's five large is your five large, that is love." -- Ashlee Jones

-- Scottie McW.

Sandi Ego said...

Pay for play

Anonymous said...

Ashlee, the only thing between you and him is your trash body and his wallet!

Downpuppy said...

Charlie - her debut album (after Lizzy Grant) was Lana del Ray

Of all people, ever, she's maybe the most flexible about her name.

Except Norman F. Rockwell.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks this is the worst story line ever? I can't wait for it to end, I don't care how it ends as long as it ends. SOON!