Monday, September 20, 2021

What's going on!?

8:05 AM Eastern: I have been unable to access the Comics Kingdom site for two days. This is a tragedy. How will I ever know what is going on?? You miss two days of Mary Worth and you will never catch up!

3:07 PM Eastern: Well, I've hacked into the site - what does PI stand for? And here is the money panel for you:

I weep for women and dogs everywhere.


Downpuppy said...

This time, it hasn't brought down the newspaper sites.
Monday was a rerun of the last 2 panels of Sunday. Wilbur is a chick magnet with a pit bull.

TimP said...

I predict we're about to find out that Moy doesn't know how animal adoption works either.

Anonymous said...

Downpuppy - I must be in a different time warp. The Monday panels at show Wilbur about to walk into Animal Shelter. However, yeah, he's still mumbling about dogs being chick magnets.


Downpuppy said...

Helen Clark-I may have enhanced the action just a tad.

KitKat said...

I surmise this is the Animal Shelter (catchy name, huh?) where Mary temporarily adopted one-eyed Libby and then palmed her off on Estelle. Wilbur will enter and ask for the chick magnet canine department. Because KM typically never lets reality intrude, it won’t be surprising if Wilbur gets a dog with no questions asked. Wilbur being Wilbur, it will be some wildly inappropriate animal. Truth be told, ANY animal would be inappropriate for him.

mr_darcy said...

Moy Animal Depot worker: So why do you want to adopt?
Wilbur: My girlfriend left me just because I want to kill her cat.
MAD worker: Just the kind of person we're looking for!

Thunderheels said...

Helen Clark-Thanks for the link to seattlepi. Wilbur is in the "delusion zone".

Anonymous said...

Again with the chick magnet. Jeez, how embarrassing.

Yeah, ol' Willy will be besieged by hotties. No more chasing skirts for him. He'll have to fight off the babes.


-- Scottie McW.

Vince said...

This whole thing makes me glad I have never used the advice I have gotten over the years from Ask Wendy.

Anonymous said...

I just can't see Wilbur with a dog. So, I'm going with either:
1. The cute kitten he was supposed to find on the Charterstone path the other day.
2. The attractive (and desperate) woman who is volunteering at the shelter today.
3. The 87-year old parrot by the door who starts screaming "Baldy, Baldy, Baldy"
as soon as Wilbur walks in.


fauxprof said...

I access the comics through the Washington Post. I have a subscription, but I don’t think you need one to access their comics page.

LouiseF said...

It's days like this I wish Nance could entertain us with her bold-faced haiku title... I'd love to see what she'd do with today's entries.

Libby said...

Feline Revenge! I peed on the internet server at King Features Syndicate. Now the world is deprived of Mary and Wibur’s scintillating banter.

Mwaahahahaha! Oops, I mean, HOWLLL!

Garnet said...

Are dogs even really "chick magnets?" I like dogs and I'm a lady, but I don't approach men because they have dogs, especially men who look sketchy. I didn't do that even when I was single.

I do have people ask what breeds my dogs are when I walk them and some people may ask if they can pet the dogs, but it's a random assortment of people who do that - often kids, teens, and elders. When my husband walks the dogs, hot women do not come out of the woodwork to throw themselves at him.

In short, Wilbur is an idiot.

katyb said...

Seattle PI is short for Seattle Post-Intelligencer

MDMaryTed said...

As others have said-- And this man writes an advice column? I was kinda hoping that Wilbur would get the idea for an interviewing assignment to travel around the US watching/interviewing men with dogs at dog parks to see if they are chick magnets and we would be rid of him for months. While on the assignment, Wilbur won't get many interviews but will collect lots of fists to the face and dog bites. Fun times for us.

Anonymous said...

Wilbur looks drugged. Maybe high on his own genius? Self-medicating with the jimsonweed he found on the grounds?

I hope he gets a howling, incontinent, one eyed couch sitter with mange and a fierce dislike of stupidity.

hmmm said...

katyb - ha ha ha. Post-Intelligence! I can relate!


Bill the Butcher said...

1. Please let a very large dog, maybe a mastiff, maul Weelbur. Please.

2. Note to Weelbur:

Emeralds are also chick magnets.

3. Note to Moy:

Can Weelbur get any more repulsive? (No, that is not a challenge.)

4. Dogs are good, in case you didn't know.

Bill the Butcher said...

Sunday Mary Worth quote:

“Everyone has endearing quirks, but some are more endearing than others.”

Wanders said...

@Libby: That made my day!