Friday, May 6, 2022

Mary Worth 3897

"Oh, dear," is right Mary. Toby has said this without a trace of irony. Mary is kind of shocked by all of these revelations, but we never got to see Ian tell Toby any of this. She apparently wasn't phased. I'm glad we didn't have to sit through a boring confrontation scene.


Anonymous said...

Why on earth does Moy skip the opportunity to show what could actually be an interesting development and instead just talk about it after the fact? She just did the same thing with Fatso's reincarnation. It seems to run counter to everything in the comic-strip management handbook or whatever guidelines are out there. If any.

It's truly baffling, and almost self-destructive.

-- Scottie McW.

RogerBW said...

Not like now, when he's realised that all he needs is "a dippy babe who's willing to settle". What does that mean, Mary?

KitKat said...

Bingo on today’s secret message, Wanders!

A “layered history,” huh? KM, are you either incapable of or too lazy to show those layers to readers? Instead, all we get is Toby stuffing her face with yet another muffin. What kind of mind-altering substances does Mary lace those muffins with? Toby Cameron, Stepford Wife. She’ll believe any claptrap Ian dishes as long as she has those carrot muffins.

@Scottie, “Fatso’s reincarnation” helped me start my day with a big laugh - thank you!

Anonymous said...

@KitKat :-)

-- S. McW.

meg said...


The first time I saw Citizen Kane, the tv station that was showing it had edited it to fit into the time slot available.

The final shot (of the fire at Xanadu) failed to include the closeup of Kane’s beloved Rosebud- depriving viewers of the resolution of the mystery of Kane’s final word. In my pre-teen naïveté, I assumed that it was just a fancy art film that was never intended to make sense, and I groused about it for years, unable to understand why it was thought to be a masterpiece.

Once again Moy and Brigman have omitted the Rosebud moment of their story.

Karen Moy, you’re no Orson Welles. You’re more like channel 8 in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Baffled in Buffalo said...

Ian must have found so much satisfaction in the process of getting so much LAYERED, eh? (I hope this comment is within the bounds of family friendliness;
if not, very sorry).

Wool Worth said...

But Toby led Cal on as well by paying too much attention to his art, playing frisbee with him, and also flirting, so by her own definition, Toby is also "clueless." (Well, we already knew that.)

I thought this storyline was KM's chance to make up for the whole weird Harlan/Dawn inappropriate relationship, but instead she just wrote about even more inappropriate teacher/student relationships. Bleh!

MissScarlet said...

Yeah, I agree with everyone. This is a very disappointing let down. But hey, it's not Wilbur!

LouiseF said...

So funny everyone! The only drama here appears to be JB deciding how, once again, to find a way to work Toby eating a muffin into the day's strip. Sadly, Toby talking with her mouth full has never resulted in her choking on a muffin. I'd like to see Mary do a Heimlich maneuver on Toby. I'm sure Mary's trained. Meddlers have to keep up their CPR, First Aid, and lifeguard certifications in order to provide the best meddling.