Thursday, May 12, 2022

Mary Worth 3903

Of course there are some things that a lady doesn't disclose.


RogerBW said...

My goodness, that's the face of a woman who's going to come back saying "and he's so [i]inventive[/i]".

KitKat said...

Notice that Toby credits the muffins over her talk with Mary for helping her. If Cal shows up with a frisbee full of muffins, it’s anybody’s guess how things will go for THAT discussion.

Anyone else creeped out by Mary calling Toby “my dear”?

Anonymous said...

And Mary struts away all full of herself, having saved another soul. This calls for a celebration at the Bum Boat. Time to yank Jeff's chain and tell him to pick her up STAT!

-- Scottie McW.

LouiseF said...

Yep, Scottie. I see a sunset cruise with Jeff and a gossipy salmon dinner at the Bum Boat in Mary's future.

Anonymous said...

Let's just say that Cal is madly in love with Toby and is desperately hoping for a future with her. How would he be any less shattered by having Ian tell him to "Forget it, you little punk." than with Toby telling him to "Forget it, you little punk."?

Moot point. Cal said he wanted a fling. Someone needs to explain to Toby (and to KM) what a fling is.