Monday, June 20, 2022

Mary Worth 3941

I'm really glad they reused this panel from yesterday's strip because I noticed something I didn't catch before: On the poster for the cafe right by the door, is that a MASK? Do they recommend wearing face masks in this hospital? I just think that's really surprising. Why would anyone wear a mask in a hospital?


RogerBW said...

Zoomed in like this, it looks a lot more as if Jared's checking out Jess's backside.

Ian Cameron, PhD said...

I think I understand now. This strip is not actually repetitive at all. What seems to us like repetition is actually just echoes from within the deep well of despair.

KitKat said...

Sharp eyes, Wanders. I didn’t even notice the sign, nor what I guess is an ear loop. I would have interpreted it as people sitting in a giant salad bowl. (I haven’t forgotten the huge salads Dawn and Cathy were munching.)

Are Jess and her sister (a woman of few words) sneaking out the back door?

Maybe tomorrow we’ll see a hungover Dawn. How many Worthiverse days have passed?

ratswan said...

it seems they like to repeat stuff on monday instead of sunday now

Yahoonski said...

I half expected her number to be 867-5309.

Anonymous said...

Does the look on Jared's face in Panel 2 mean that, like the rest of us, he knows the meaning of a phone number with a "555" exchange? As in, "Don't even think about calling me, pal." Although Jess must know that he'd be able to find her real phone number in her file.

Hmmm... So, this means that June, who could easily have made that phone number look real by drawing Jared's thumb covering the middle of the card, took the lazy route and used 555. Come on, June. You've been spending way too much time with KM.