Sunday, July 31, 2022

Mary Worth 3981

Okay, now THAT'S funny. This literally made me smile out loud. Mary hopes Dawn will confide in her directly. Her first response: Why hasn't Dawn spoken to me about this? I think it's time to get out the muffin pans.

I know the building panel could be added to the recycle bin having been used just yesterday, but I will allow the reuse of exteriors since they are solid objects that shouldn't move, and June shouldn't have to redraw them every time. Of course, there is the question of the doves. My only explanation is that only a short time has lapsed so the doves wouldn't have moved that much anyway.


Anonymous said...

At least the doves are moving faster than this storyline.


KitKat said...

Apparently it hasn’t dawned (ouch!) on Jared that Dawn blocked his number. Maybe she’s even unfriended him on BookFace, Santa Royale’s social medium of choice.

Jared barely knows Jess. There plenty’s of time for her to lose interest in him and start treating him poorly.

Ooh, Mary’s ticked off at Dawn for not confiding in her! Not only will she get out the muffin pans, she may beat Dawn with them in her face and shoulders. Either that or she’ll bake Dawn a basket of special Ex-Lax muffins.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love the way Mary says she hopes Dawn will EVENTUALLY talk to her. Ha ha, she's not happy.

-- Scottie McW.

hmmm said...

Mary Worth’s recipe for Ennui Muffins

2 cups of no-purpose flour
1 can of imitation salmon
1/2 cup saccharine
1 cup of any purple alcohol
Bunch of nuts
Gram’s secret ingredient
1/4 cup Splak or Kelk; whichever is on sale

Bake them or not; whatever

KitKat said...

@hmmm, Mary’s recipe for Ennui Muffins delivered what I needed most today, a huge laugh. THANK YOU!!!

hmmm said...

@KitKat…I’m so glad! And because I was able to track down your address through the Dark Internet, approximately 37 dozen of those muffins will be on your doorstep tomorrow morning!