Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Mary Worth 3990

Dawn, everyone turns into their parents, and since you have no maternal influence in your life, you're pretty much doomed.


KitKat said...

When your eyes and nightshirt are tan and everything else is a sickly green, stand by for a Kafkaesque nightmare, Dawn. This might beat Estelle’s toddler Wilburs dream (with any luck).

Anonymous said...

If we see a dream featuring a fat, horn-rimmed Dawn shoving Woody's famous Ribs Mayo down her maw, then all of this just might be worth it.

-- Scottie McW.

Gina said...

So nights in Charterstone apparently come with bright day-like blue skies. No wonder Dawn's all confused.

Anonymous said...

Dawn's fear indicates that she finds Wilbur as loathsome as the rest of us.

Well, Dawn, maybe it's time to give up your 28-year attempt to earn a college degree and get a job so you can afford a place of your own. I hear Chucky Cheese is hiring; or as it's known in Santa Royale: Charles Fromage.


LouiseF said...

Helen Clark, another coffee-snorter with that "Charles Fromage" comment! Thanks to KitKat also for reminding me of Estelle's Wilbur dreams. People in the Worthiverse seem to have no connection to their unconscious beyond sleep. If Estelle had heeded her Wilbur dream, she probably wouldn't have ended up on a cruise with him. It's hard to believe she's even "mulling" over whether or not to continue the relationship after his hijinks. I am so looking forward to the possibility of clueless Dawn getting a warning via her dreams and then ignoring it. Hope I don't have too high an expectation.

Anonymous said...

LouiseF - Hahaha... I know what you mean. I make it a point never to read the Mary Worth and Me comments without a roll of paper towels next to me!