Friday, March 10, 2023

Mary Worth 4206

It sounds like Dr. Ed may not "rely" on Steven as much as he pretends. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants Steven to stay home a few days.


Ian Cameron, PhD said...

Clearly, Steven’s hiatus is setting us up for an exciting week where an even more haggard and put-upon Ed struggles heroically to cope with an enormous backlog of stool samples. Estelle will keep badgering him for another self-service piano bar date to no avail, and finally agree with Mary that she should not put all her eggs in one basket (after all, they may be needed for muffin batter).

But what will be next? Will she begin stalking Wilbur in the mayonnaise aisle at Food Team? Or perhaps,Green Steven will meet a certain sultry older woman while they both wallow in self care at Sau’s.

meg said...

Worlds collide when Wilbur brings in his newly-acquired flea circus for examination, and Dr. Steve Harding inadvertently takes it home with him. (It couldn’t happen to a more deserving junior vet.)

KitKat said...

Steven will be off to burnish his Insta account.

I’m puzzled by Ed referring to “the animals,” not simply “animals.” Maybe he means only the animals that he treats at Animal Hospital (you’re out of luck, Trixie), not animals in general. So far, Steven looks like a whiner and complainer who bumbled his way into a career he’s unsuited for, not a caring animal lover. I wouldn’t let him touch our cats with a ten-foot pole.

Anonymous said...

Steven can satisfy his love for animals by getting a job at the zoo cleaning cages.

-- Scottie

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I don't think Steven will have to worry about being nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Guest Character at next year's Worthy Awards.


Frank Booth said...

Let's be honest, Steven has been quiet quitting for some time now.