Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mary Worth 178

Way to go, Ron. Your mom is dying in the next room and you're hitting on the volunteer care giver. I love the subliminal message in this panel: The red arrow pointing left, the way to an exciting new romance with Mr. Red Shirt; on the right, the sign leading to the doctors' lounge and same-ol' same-ol' with Dr. Jeff.

By the way, the arrow-through-the-head gag is officially not funny anymore.


Anonymous said...

I think that we are all supposed to pretend that yesterday never happened. Alternatively this may be a bold new direction for Mary Worth and soon she will be delivering birthday greetings to loyal readers or even offering the chance to appear in the background, frolicking merrily as Mary interferes and lectures.

I do not think that Donna's fate is sealed - it may well transpire that "Doctor Loung" is working on a revolutionary new treatment.

Jake said...

Wow. I have never really noticed Mary Worth before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention...