Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mary Worth 177

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa... now hold on here. What the heck?? Did I miss something? One moment, Mary's breaking up a bar room brawl at Mountview Hospital, then suddenly, she's all glammed out poolside busily espousing her virtuous efforts to save the planet. I feel like this isn't really Mary Worth, but rather the actress who plays Mary Worth chatting on her RAZR and answering fan mail. We've jumped to some sort of commercial interruption, and next up is Bono urging us to give generously.

Because if it is Mary Worth, she's a liar. She certainly didn't spend any time planting a tree in the park. She was too busy meddling in Donna Amalfi's life... or death. Same thing.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps she was planting the tree on Donna's grave?

Is David Lynch doing a stint as guest director? Whatever next - a metafiction where Mary reads and comments on previous Mary Worth strips?

So many questions but where are the answers?

Anonymous said...

First of all, who is she talking to? I didn't realize Mary actually had friends. I thought she only had acquaintances with whom she meddled.

And I assume it's not Dr. Jeff, since he was probably the one Mary was "helping" plant the tree (and by helping she means telling him how it should be done).

On an unrelated note, that umbrella in panel 2 seems to be dangerously akimbo considering the pole in the table is perfectly vertical. Perhaps it has something to do with her chair disappearing.

Unknown said...

The creepiest thing in this comic is not her hideous face, oh no. It's that SHE'S TALKING ON A CELL PHONE.

Anonymous said...

Her job with Donna is done. She fixed it so that neither of the boys inherits a cent. It all goes to Mary Worth.

Inheriting money is what Mary Worth does best.

Anonymous said...

Ah! So that's why she works with the old and the infirm!

DONNA: Oh, Mary! Your meddling has proven to me in my final hours that you care more for me than my own sons!
MARY (thinking): Put me in your will put me in your will put me in your will...

hemingway complex said...

um exactly. what??? why is she all fancy? why does she have a circa 94cell phone? nice shades, etc etc. like, let's play everything is wrong with this strip. everything!