Monday, April 21, 2008

Mary Worth 176

Well, I'm not exactly sure how Mary managed to stop the fight. I'm feeling a little ripped off because that would have been the best panel in the series so far.

But clearly, Ron is the good son. A little too good if subliminal messages are to be believed, which they are. Especially when you compare the first aid kit in panel two to Mike Huckabee's book shelf.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, just how did Mary chastise The Boys--by threatening to call Secuity (like she should've done several panels back)? BTW, why did all those other folks in the hallway outside of Donna's room fail to call Security as well?

I must say I'm disappointed that The Boys failed to knock over Mom's equipment when they were dancing around yesterday. Today the equipment seems to have levitated to a new position behind the bed.

And I'm also glad to see that the Santa Royale Hospital keeps a first aid kit in every room! Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that Stephan Pastis took a shot at MW today in "Pearls Before Swine":

PBS: Proving once again that comics can be funny.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Ron scores points with momma Donna! Richard looks so pissed. Well, sorry there Richiepoo, but you'll need to think fast on how to even the score ... or Ron'll be waltzing away with the family boat when momma Donna croaks.

Rub her goiter! You know how she likes that, Richard ...