Monday, December 23, 2013

Mary Worth 1746

What does Ken Kensington mean by living off his shows? Does he mean he squirreled enough money away from his career as a musical theatre actor, and is collecting enough through the Actors' Equity Pension Fund, that he can maintain his celebrated lifestyle in New York City? Or did he somehow negotiate a residual royalty for every time some gawky high school senior attempts to impersonate his interpretation of Nostradomus. Because that would be a sweet deal since Nostradomus is one of the most popular high school productions of all time. Right after Hairspray, but ahead of Anything Goes.

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birdie said...

After listening to all of this boasting about how much money he has, Mary had better take the opportunity to put in a good word for her fundraising friend, DOSC. Remember her, Mary?

fauxprof said...

He's probably living off the massive malpractice settlement he got from the surgeon who ruined his vocal cords. Then there's the life insurance proceeds from that "great wife" he mentioned who is no longer with us.

Incidentally, both Mary and Ken look considerably older today. What was in that pizza?

TeacherPatti said...

Holy crap birdie--THAT'S where this is going! She will introduce him to DOSC and those two will find love AND funding. And maybe he will put on a charity show for whatever DOSC raises money for (homeless shelter? domestic violence? I forget) and get his voice back at the last minute...kind of like Mrs. Brady did in that Brady Bunch Christmas episode.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Has Moy beaten her own Guiness Book record for number of days "saying the same thing in a different way" in a comic strip?

meg said...

Seeing Ken boast about how much money he has reminds me of an old joke:

Elderly man is knocked down by a car while crossing the street. Strangers call 911, bring him a blanket and pillow, ask him "Are you comfortable?" He responds "I make a nice living, thanks."

Pete Farmer said...

Wait a second - that's not Ken! It's his evil twin Ben!

Apparently Mary hasn't noticed that the pinstripes and the egg yolk yarmulke have both disappeared.

Nance said...

What the heck happened to Mary Worth's face? In Panel One, she looks broadfaced and squidgy. Then we get to Panel Two, and she looks dehydrated and gaunt, also taller and older. Where is her scarf to hide that wattle?

I think JG has taken on some protégées and they've had a turn at the drawing board.


Chester the Dog said...

Moy has never seen a Broadway show, and does not understand a thing about how the industry operates. If she thinks you can live off royalties from performing in a Broadway show, then you are wrong. Just can't happen. Not how things operate. You can earn a bit of money from the royalties from the recording of a Broadway show (cast album, but not much. HAIR? CAMELOT? Not these days, except for WICKED.

Dave in Parma said...

It's not the royalties; it's the embezzlement.

Muscato said...

Dave in Parma - are you implying that that deathless landmark in the theatre Nostradamus was some kind of Springtime for Hitler?

I just wish they'd finish this lunch - who knew that a Manhattan outing could be as dreary and dull as a walk in the godforsaken desert around Pax?

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

OMG! Make it stop! Puh-lease!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Ken invested in Google's initial IPO.

Dave in Parma said...

@Muscato--funny you should say that; I almost added that into my original comment. There are certain parallels between 'Springtime for Hitler' and the 'Mary Worth' strip (aside from the domineering lead characters): both are/were intended as drama but leave the audience laughing.

Anonymous said...

@ Pete Farmer - if that's Ken's evil twin Ben, then they are most certainly fraternal, because this guy doesn't look anything like his twin - especially in MW 1741.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous - correcting my own post: that would be the December 12th 1741 - just realized two entries share that number. At any rate, this guy morphs a lot...just like all the other morphettes.

Happy Holidays to all, including KM and JG, who bring us such joyful fodder. And especially Wanders - man, you make my day every day, along with all of the commenters. Thank you all for putting a smile on my face! I treasure you all.

Steve said...

The longest lunch in comic strip history has finally come to an end.

meg said...

Ken's continuing source of income:

He has said that he dabbles in photography. One of his most profitable dabbles is a shot he took of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber dancing the Argentine Tango with Rum Tum Tigger at a CATS Christmas party.
ADL would never have gotten his title if that pic had seen the light of day.

Dave in Parma said...

Based on old Golden Top's princess wave in panel 2 on the 24th, I think they've unknowingly wandered onto a float for for the Christmas parade.

Have a great early Christmas everyone!

meg said...

ALW, not ADL.

Unknown said...

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fauxprof said...

Merry Christmas to Wanders, his family, and all the wonderful commentators to this blog (including the robot troll who got past the word ver at 1:30am). I offer you all this inadequate present:

Good Ken Kensington looked out
There at Promise Haven.
Shelly Cohen stood roundabout
A charitable maven.
Brightly shone our Mary Worth
Platitudes at ready
Thinking thoughts of Peace on Earth
But not of Jeff her steady.

"Hither Ken, and stand by me,
Former Broadway Legend.
What sights have you in store to see
In Brooklyn or the East End?"
"Mary, dear, my plans are great.
You and I will disport
High atop the Empire State
And the South Street Seaport!"

(In thought balloon:)

"Ah, the lady does not know
Of my deepest motive
By this tour I hope to show
That my heart's devotive.
By New Year's Eve I'll make her see
I have no fear in betting
That she should stay right here with me
While Charterstone forgetting."