Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mary Worth 1747

Congratulations to Joe Giella and Karen Moy for a perfect Christmas greeting. I must say today's strip really worked for me. Just a note, however; the children at the shelter represent the diversity in most communities in this country, so let's move forward with a wonderful holiday and a joyous and prosperous New Year.


fauxprof said...

Merry Christmas to all the Worthiverse!

Good Ken Kensington looked out
There at Promise Haven.
Shelly Cohen stood round about,
A charitable maven.
Brightly shone our Mary Worth,
Platitudes at ready
Full of thoughts of Peace on Earth
But not of Jeff her steady.

Hither Ken, and stand by me
Former Broadway Legend.
What sights have you in store to see
In Brooklyn or the East End?"
"Mary, dear, my plans are great!
You and I will disport
High atop the Empire State
And the South Street Seaport."

(In Ken's thought balloon:)

"Ah the lady does not know
Of my deepest motive.
As a tour guide I will show
That my heart's devotive.
By New Year's Eve I'm sure she'll see,
And I'm safe in betting
That Mary Worth will stay with me
While Charterstone forgetting.

Muscato said...

My goodness - I thought I'd be clever and pop in to note that at least DOSC has put the weeks that her houseguest has been out to lunch to good use and gotten herself a new hairdo.

But when the first comment is an utter masterpiece like the above, I think I'll just slink back to the kitchen and hae another couple of cookies (at least mine aren't pink).

Gina said...

Bravo, fauxprof! A very Worthy Christmas present indeed!

And when Ken Squared makes the Worth Christmas card, you know things are getting serious . . .

What'sUpWithThePruneFace? said...

Good heavens...what is wrong with Mary's face? Looks like all that pizza she and K2 ate all week went directly to her face. And K2 looks like he aged a decade or so as well.

How's The Pizza said...

Kind of surprised Hillbilly Ann didn't pop by...for the children. Maybe she's in one of the boxes.

Nance said...

Brava, faux!

It looks like the Freakishly Long Thumb Syndrome has hit Ken K'son.

Anonymous said...

NOBODY will ever believe how quickly I made this panel my desktop wallpaper. And perhaps that's for the best.

birdie said...

Fauxprof, that was perfect!