Friday, August 1, 2014

Mary Worth 1863

It's about time that Mary got her meddle on! Woohoo!

By the way, Olive's parents took advantage of the double wide deck chair that Charterstone had custom built for Ian Cameron. But who was this extra-long chair built for? I'd love it if there was a character who was so tall we never saw his head, just his torso. Hopefully, he wouldn't have a cyst on it though.

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RobC said...

I'm 6'4"...where can I get that deck chair?

fauxprof said...

Olive, albeit psychic, at least talks like a normal human being. ("Tummy" not "torso".)

Ed and Evy are in for the experience of a lifetime, being "persuaded" by Mary Worth. Are these two arrogant and self-involved enough to resist her mighty powers?

Yahoonski said...

Yet again an adult hears about Olive's aversion to this particular doctor and fails to ask the obvious question of "Why?"

Nance said...

Okay! We're about ready to Wrap This Thing Up!

Panel One--
Mary: Olive is fearful of this Dr. Kapuht. Her fears are very real to her. She is a sensitive child.

Ed/Evy: She has always had such an imagination.

Panel Two--
Mary: I...feel a strong connection with her. I'm afraid I must insist. Olive must see a different doctor!

Ed/Evy: You're right. It's the least we can do for our little girl!

Saturday will show some nice, kindly female doctor; Sunday will recap, and on Monday, we'll get a new plot with Wilbur or someone else.

Godiva said...

Thosee Charterstone rabbit fur towels don't look very absorbent.

KitKat said...

Maybe the nice, kindly female doctor suggested by @Nance at 9:25 AM will be Dr. Adrian Cory Hewlett. In the years she's been MIA from the strip, she was becoming board certified in Torso Cyst Removal. She has returned to Mountview Hospital and her scalpel is primed!

Toots McGee said...

Another Mary Worth book, guys!

Mary goes to Vietnam, Gina and Bobby, that kid from Goleta, etc.

Oh happy day.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

After her dip in the pool, Mary's hair is morphing back into coiffed perfection all by itself!

Tony said...

Nance: We can only hope. But I'm afraid this story has a long way to go. We need more evidence for Olive's apparent ESP, which will include revelations about Dr. Kaphout's misdeeds. And Mary will bow and primp for at least two weeks.

Nance said...

@Tony--KM is not about what is necessary to flesh out the plot. Look at all the dead ends in character motivation, subplots, and even secondary characters in previous stories. Where did Iris Beedie go? What about Tommie's love interest, that waitress? What ever happened to Dawn and One-Armed Jim? What was the purpose of Mary's visit to that help center in New York? I forget.

The list of dropped plots and unresolved stories is impressive, especially lately.

Bless your heart, but I think you're expecting too much from KM, whose depth was plumbed when she dreamed up the Pink Cake Hecklers.

Delilah said...

Two phrases from loyal Worthies commenting on the current MW storyline shall forever be etched in my mind:

1 - "In cahoots with Kaphut!" I've tried to use that in a sentence every day.

2 - "Pink cake hecklers!" Great name for a breakout Ska band.

KitKat said...

Two scenarios come to mind:
A frantic Evy and Ed throw their arms around Olive and thank Mary profusely.

Evy and Ed have been doing what big kids do and are unaware that Olive left the apartment. Mary opens the bedroom door...

TeacherPatti said...

How much do we want to bet that Mary's hair color will be changed back to white at some point? (Kind of like how they removed Kahput's raging 'stache?)

KitKat said...

@TeacherPatti at 11:13AM, when did Mary find time to dip into Evy's hair coloring.product? Talk about multitasking!

TeacherPatti said...

@KitKat right? She is truly amazing!