Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Worthy Award Nominations

I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting the chance to vote for the 2014 Worthy Awards, and today's the day that voting begins. The polls will be open through January 9, so be sure to vote before it's too late! Your vote is essential! Vote below in each of this year's categories. Winners will be announced at this year's glamorous awards ceremony on January 14.

[Update: the Seventh Annual Worthy Awards Ceremony is posted here.]

After much deliberation while listening to the entire Charterstone Jukebox catalog, the Condo Board is pleased to announce this year's nominees:

The nominees for outstanding performance by a guest character are:

Jerry, the Owner of Jerry's

Bad Doctor Kapuht, M.D.

Olive Taylor

Hanna Dingdon

Scroll through the poll below, choose your favorite, and be sure to click the "Submit" button (you'll need to scroll the survey down to see the button).

The nominees for outstanding performance by a floating head are:

Angel of the Pool

Bad Doctor Kapuht, M.D.

Tommy Two-Tone

Wilbur Weston: Too Big for One Thought Bubble

Choose your favorite below (you'll need to click submit for each award category).

The nominees for outstanding performance by an established character:

Dr. Jeff Cory, M.D.

Mary Worth

Toby Cameron

Ian Cameron

Wilbur Weston

Choose your favorite below.

The nominees for Panel of the Year are:

Angel of the Pool

Flower Fairies

Bad Doctor Kapuht, M.D.

The Skin of its Teeth

Tee Hee Eddie

Tommy Won't Work for Me

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Choose your favorite below.

And finally, the nominees for Outstanding Story of 2014 are:

Frannie's Mom Gets a Divorce, and a Gift Certificate

It Isn't Depressing at All!

Olive's Tummy Lobotomy

Tommy Finds a Job and Harasses His First Colleague

Choose your favorite below.

Well, it's time for Wanders to turn off the jukebox and get some sleep.

Thank you for your votes, and we will see you on the red carpet!


TimP said...

That is an impressive post. Good show, Wanders!

Nance said...

Why don't I remember the Frannie storyline? Was it really a storyline?

(And I don't care enough to go back and look...!)

Birdie said...

It wasn't much of one, Nance. As I recall, Mommy took Frannie to the Bum Boat to tell her Daddy had left. She then spent the rest of the meal sobbing, while Frannie bravely tried to eat and promised to be a delight forever to her Mommy. Mary was so touched she paid for their meal, thus making herself the hero of the situation.

Wanders said...

The Frannie storyline was really very short by Mary Worth standards, but there were so few other choices that I included it.

tkraft said...

One last category, and only one contestant, by unanimous acclamation: Best Blogger and Blog creator: Our Own Wanders

Anonymous said...

Where are (were?) the results from last year's voting? Thanks!

Wanders said...

Anonymous, if you use the "Worthy Awards" tag, you'll see all of the previous Awards results and voting posts. You'll have to scroll around a bit after clicking the link since all the posts are rather lengthy.

Still Anomynous but soon 2B Known said...

Oh crud, I don't know what a "Worthy Awards" tag is. I'm old. Sheesh.

Now Known said...

Oh wait, you mean enter "Worthy Awards" as a search term! I get it now - hey, it works!
And oh my goodness, suddenly I feel so young again!!
Now to vote...

Anonymous said...

"That won't work for me!" he said, hands in the air, as Wilbur pushed the knife to his chest...