Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mary Worth 2357

I have to admit, today's Sunday dialogue was outstanding in every way. Karen Moy seems to be upping her Sunday game to keep up with this amazing art - I mean, Tommy's hair? Who knew?

Today's full strip


Muscato said...

And, if one hits "Buy a Print," even a quote from Mr. Oscar Wilde! Moy really is branching out.

I'm unconvinced by Sunday Mary, but I will admit that this is the first time that I'm not utterly mystified by Tommy's hair, which on weekdays makes him look like he's attempting an epically unsuccessful Dawn Weston impression.

KitKat said...

We now know that Tommy and Tina still work at Jerry's.No one else seems to, but maybe that's okay since there are no customers either.

One of the things that are different between Tina and Tommy is that Tina owns a comb.

fauxprof said...

Tina, as KitKat points out, owns a comb, also shampoo and conditioner. Tommy seems to be sporting a mid 1990s Kato Kaelin greasy unwashed look, to go along with the T-shirt he's been wearing for days. He's one of the most spectacularly unattractive MW male characters in history, no matter who is drawing him.

Yahoonski said...

I thought for sure today's quote would come from Neil Sedaka.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

I'm sorry, but I still think Tommy's a hottie! He's got that whole "bad boy" image going on, and it's irresistible! Anyway, Tommy, ... DAWN awaits ... SMOOCH!!! (Sound effects: loud smacking sounds of LURVE.)

The Sunday artist does great work, but here are my own personal beefs with this Sunday's installment:

1. Oscar Wilde is famous for witty and often subversive quotations, yet we are being served up a trite platitude worthy of Mary Worth. (Oh, yeah, right ... now I get it!)

2. "Things haven't been working out" between Tina and Tommy? Who knew? We haven't seen them doing anything at all together, except for that one time when Tommy offered to walk Tina to her car and she said "no, thanks."

3. Attraction's not enough for Tina? Tina, honey, I'll take him! (If Dawn doesn't want him, that is ... but I suspect she will!)

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Tina no longer bears any resemblance to Mary at all! That torpedoes the whole "Tommy's fevered meth dream and non-family-friendly fantasies of Mary Worth" theory. DRAT! DOUBLE DRAT! TRIPLE DRAT! @#$%!