Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mary Worth 2385

I'm hoping this means that tomorrow we will get to watch Mary write her column at the computer. I'm sure it will be full of wonderful advice about the importance of parents engaging with their children, even when they are adults, and making sure they have plenty of Vicodin to take away their pain.


TimP said...

I'm rooting for the strip pivoting to address Mary's insatiable addiction to syndicated advice column writing.

Anonymous said...

This plot line stinks. It could have gone the way of

Tommy stalking Tina ala Aldo Kelrast.
Tommy going on a crime spree for Vicadin money
Tommy ODing from mixing Vicadin and Mary's pie.
intervention at Mary's with the whole gang. Ian misses it because he is "resting".
30 days in rehab where Tommy meets a new girl even more troubled than him. She could move in with Tommy and Iris.
Epic chase scene through Santa Royale where Tommy is busted on a stolen moped and goes back to jail
Dust up with Jerry about the accident still being in the restroom.

Or any number of things that would be better than where this seems to be going.

KitKat said...

Mary said "I'm enjoying it" in both panels. Either Karen Moy is hitting the Vicodin herself and being slipshod about synonyms, or we have another day of Subtext Theater: "Just let Sandwich Face try to wrestle 'Ask Wendy' away from me! He'll wish he never left Japan!"

Delilah said...

Maybe Iris and Tommy (on Mary's advice, of course!) visit the Pax Wellness Center for a week of sharing and bonding. Joy! I for one would love to see those ginormous yoga mats again.

fauxprof said...

Almost any suggestion for moving this dead in the water story moving would be welcome. On the other hand, be careful what you wish for. The gentleman who writes "Sally Forth" also writes "Judge Parker" now and the results are...odd.

Anonymous said...

Forget the story (what story?) - Please, someone cut Mary's hair!!! And put her glass eye back in!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Oh, for heaven's sake ... before it's too late ... Tommy ... DAWN awaits!

Chester the Dog said...
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