Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 Worthy Award Nominees

VOTING HAS CLOSED: Winners will be announced on January 6th, 2020, at 6:00 AM eastern time.

As we bid adieu to the 20-teens, we take the time to acknowledge the great achievements of those heroes who struggle day in and day out in the Worthiverse just to find some justification for their existence.

Today, the Condo Board is pleased to present the following Worthy Award nominees. We invite you to vote for your favorites.

Voting will conclude on January 5th, and winners will be announced soon thereafter.

So without further delay, here are the categories and worthy nominees:

The nominees for outstanding performance by an inconsequential character are:

Friendly Burn Victim 

Misogynist Mitch

Blind Date Hobo


Terry Bryson

Our next category is Outstanding Representation of Food. And the nominees are:

Tuna Casserole fit for a cat

Organic Falafel (Non-GM)

Lasagna Pancakes

Tuna Sandwich Recipe (the secret ingredient is tuna)

Beefcake Sandwich

Some Type of Seafood

The nominees for Outstanding Performance by a Guest Character are:

Hugo of France




The nominees for Outstanding Floating Head are:

Ivan Ingham, Male Model

Hugo of France

Jannie, Fantasy Version

Jannie, Reality Version

The nominees for Outstanding Performance by a Regular Character are:

Dr. Ian Cameron, Ph.D.

Dr. Jeff Cory, M.D.

Mary Worth

Toby Cameron

Iris Beedie

Wilbur Weston
Dawn Weston

The nominees for Panel of the Year are:

Hamburger Dreams

Say Anything Else

Family Portrait

Parallel Emotional Histories

Chopstick Mastery

Mystery Date from Milton Bradley

And the nominees for Outstanding Story are:

Ian's Unfortunate Distraction

Estelle Dates a Loser

Estelle Dates a Loser 2

Hugo Paints a House

A Fate Worse than Death

Thank you for your votes. Remember, you must stop voting after January 5th! It's been a great year, and I have truly appreciated all your support.

You may bribe the judges here!


Michael Beaumier said...

I hope lining up all those floating heads was as much a pleasure to do as it was to see. Wanders, you’re the real Winner.

Iris, I’m still waiting for my $10,000.

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

OMG Wanders, it was so hard to choose because there were so many good ones in each category. I was torn between Wilboor and Arthur/er. It's going to be a very close election. We should have had a panel of the decade. So many to choose from.

Sandi Ego said...

Thank you for my favorite end of year tradition. A great time to let everyone here know how much I appreciate their hilarious, clever comments. Wanders, you have created something wonderful and I am grateful :)

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

As Al Capone once said "Vote early and vote often."

caitlin said...

The current story line has me so down but this reminded me of all the treasures Mary worth brings us

Downpuppy said...

After the first 2, I thought "Gee, these are easy" but the competition tightened up.

Nance said...

I can't believe Mary Worth didn't go cheer up any animals in the pound this year.

Thanks, Wanders! This was quite a roundup.

UC Santa Royale said...

The Worthy Awards make this my favorite time of year! But I think there should be a 'Best Boldface Haiku' category.

KitKat said...

Oh, some tough choices as I strolled down Mary Worth Lane. Wanders, thanks for another round of Worthy Awards, and for all you do throughout the year with this wonderful blog!

toytuba said...

These Awards are truly our reward for sticking with the strip for another year. Thank you again Wanders for making it all possible. So many choices . . . but I was kind of surprised not to see Libby/Winky as a Guest Character choice.

Anonymous said...

Wanders, thanks for another year of belly laughs. Happy New Year to you and to all my friends in the Worthiverse! I have only one complaint about this year's Worthy Awards. Did you have to put "Friendly Fire Victim" at the top of the list? I eat my breakfast while reading MaryWorthandMe. When forced to look at that guy's creepy face every morning, I just about toss my toast!


Anonymous said...

I agree with toytuba! Libby should be in the running! And Terry Bryson is more than an inconsequential character, thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Libby, like Candice Bergen, knew she'd sweep the categories she was entered in so she graciously refused the nominations in fairness to others.

ae said...

What a fecund year!

Bill the Butcher said...

Eshtelle shoving a roll down Wilbur's throat should have figured there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year all! My wish for 2020 is that we get a break from Mary’s purple cowl neck top, or her yellow disk earrings, preferably both!

KitKat said...

Happy New Year, Wanders and all! Thanks for all the laughs, snark, and camaraderie - here’s to another year of it!

Tomorrow: Iris pushes Mary aside and tries to drown herself in the Charterstone pond, Mary runs to her apartment, changes into a nightgown, runs back to the pond, and attempts to dive in.

Archaeopteryx said...

Truly an outstanding crop of nominees this year! Wilbur is pretty much the Meryl Streep of the worthies. May 2020 bring us all pool parties and amorphous blobs of starchy foods!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all the work you do on this and the blog throughout the year. I can't believe how much has happened this year! Some tough choices had to be made when voting.