Friday, December 27, 2019

Mary Worth 3258

I thought Wilbur's "rock bottom" was standing on the Cliffs of Despair with a bottle in his hand preparing to jump. But I was wrong. It was spilling noodles on his shirt on an awkward double date with his ex and her boyfriend.


Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"And They Lived Happily Ever After".

New year resolution.
Oh? Decide?
Better. Sober.
Sorry embarrassed!

Tim said...

A New Year resolution? That explains why they're at the Star Lounge. Finish the year with a bang Wilbur!

KitKat said...

Notice that Wilbur doesn’t apologize TO Estelle for showing up drunk at her door, embarrassing her, and then ignoring her as he pawed Iris. Ding dong you’re wrong, buddy!

Speaking of Iris, we haven’t seen her for a couple weeks. At the rate she was expanding, she should be the size of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon by now. When Mary tries to help her (and we know Mary will sink her claws in), muffins will be the last thing Estelle needs.

LouiseF said...

The hypnotic orange/violet lights of the Star Lounge have mesmerized Estelle into believing him. What New Year's Resolution for Estelle?

lmjb1964 said...

When I saw the bold-face text, I couldn't wait to see the BFH. As usual, Nance did not disappoint.

I like the idea of Iris as a Macy's Thanksgiving balloon. At any moment, I expect to see her floating along outside the window. Wilbur will jump up and follow after her, leaving Estelle behind.

KitKat said...

Correction to my previous posting: Muffins will be the last thing Iris needs. Estelle needs a mind of her own and a spine. @LouiseF, Estelle’s resolution can be to learn the song “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair” (from “South Pacific”) and sing it like she means it.

katyb said...

As usual with Wilbur, it's all about him. He offers the classic non-apology apology. "I'm sorry about how I behaved." Here's the rest: "Not because my behavior embarrassed you, Estelle, but because I made myself look bad. And since I cannot be responsible for that behavior, it's on you to make me look good. So be a good little doormat, will you, and bear me some Boxing Wilburies. I'm bored with my Dawn spawn."

KitKat said...

Coming in the new year: By doing everything he can to keep from embarrassing himself, Wilbur loses all the quirks that endeared him to Mary. Disgusted, Mary promptly drops him from her circle of friends and convinces Estelle to dump him. Next stop for Wilbur: the Cliff of Despair, with a bottle of purple scotch and his boom box.

lmjb1964 said...

As someone pointed out yesterday, it is all about Wilbur. He's more worried about embarrassing himself; upsetting Estelle is sort of an afterthought. And Estelle says, "I know you're better than that." Do you Estelle? Is he? If so, you've seen something in Wilbur that we've never been shown. Ugh.