Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Mary Worth 3568

June, I'm not sure when Karen Moy sent you this dialogue, that she meant it literally. But thank you.


Toots McGee said...

So Gary literally tried to murder Eve.... with a gun.

I’m at a loss for words. There are no words.

Just, whoa

Anonymous said...

Panel of the Year, right here. There's no way they'll top this.

RogerBW said...

"What did Gary die of, anyway?"

"Oh, it was all a great mystery. I mean, nobody could work out why he'd tried to swallow Max's front paw."

KitKat said...

I’m scratching my head wondering why Eve frequently mentioned Gary’s tripping her but neglected to mention until today that that angry man also used a firearm. Good grief! It may be time for Saul to do some research. He’s believed everything Eve has told him without question.

Max, the breed-shifting, shape-shifting dog.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been laughing so long this morning, my stomach hurts.

Why on earth would Eve still have any mixed feelings for this guy?
Why was Gary not in jail when he died?
Why has Eve been going on and on about Gary TRIPPING her when he once tried to SHOOT her?
What did they talk about at breakfast the next morning?
Why is she crying at seeing men’s wear when every other sentence she’s uttered since has included the word TRIGGER?

Sorry, but this is just too crazy. I only wish June had been drawing this strip back a few years ago when Mary told Toby she’d “dodged a bullet” at her doctor’s office.


Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"But I Still Love That Son Of A Gun".


Nance said...


KitKat said...

Nance, you hit the target today!

Wanders, is there room for either “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man of Mine” or “What’s the Use of Wonderin’?” on the Charterstone Jukebox?

Anonymous said...

Oh, please!!! This is beyond stupid.

What's next, she forgave latehusbandGary when he brought her flowers the next day?

Moy's grasp of reality is at peak tenuousness (tenuosity?).

-- Scottie McW.

tkraft said...

I think this whole preposterous Eve storyline is a dream sequence, like on the old TV show, "Dallas." It ended when Bobby Ewing stepped out of the shower and the new season began. Likewise, this plotline will end when Saul steps out of the shower....NO, wait, heavens No! (Let's just keep dreaming, puleez! Scratch that whole idea!)

tkraft said...

Attn Worthian archivists: Has a gun/shooting ever appeared in MW? If so, when? Just wondering.

Tim said...
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Downpuppy said...

Uncle Lumpy linked to a 2009 drug bust gun battle - https://joshreads.com/2009/09/mean-streets-of-santa-royale/#shootout

Yahoonski said...

@Downpuppy - Off topic, but Uncle Lumpy is aces. I wish he'd take over that blog full-time.

Saul: "That reminds me of the time my previous dog took a salmon square for me at a pool party."

Anonymous said...

i guess krypto got tired of superman and decided to live with eve.

Darth Curt said...
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Darth Curt said...

Agreed... Panel of the Year right there. It tops Mary's swan dive into the pool, in my books.

And yes... perhaps Eve was speaking metaphorically. Perhaps Max once nudged Eve out of the way, and took the trip instead. But that would not have been as exciting as seeing "Max" swan dive into a speeding bullet.

Shmoopie said...

Could a dog survive a bullet at such close range? And IF the dog survived, is the cute neckerchief he wears today hiding the bullet wound? And wouldn't the bullet gone straight through the dog and into Eve's thigh? And "BAM" - seriously? Well, there I go again trying to make sense of KM's fever dreams!

Anonymous said...

Some of Eve’s story had seemed far-fetched, but maybe believable. Now it’s just looking like she’s a total delusional fruitcake.

LouiseF said...

I can't really imagine the genteel Eve using language like "took a bullet for me". Sounds too much like dialogue from "Mannix".

Chester the Dog said...

Next week, Eve will tell Saul that her husband tried to drop a grand piano on her.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder if KM, June, and their editor sit around a table discussing the sound that gun made.

KM: "I wrote BAM; I want to see BAM, June."

June: "I know, Karen, but BAM seems a little dated, doesn't it?"

Editor: "I have to agree with June, Karen. How about 'zing'?"

June: "Yes, 'zing' would be good, or how about 'pop'?"

KM: "Dammit, I wrote BAM and I better see BAM! No more arguments!"


Chester the Dog said...

I found the husband!