Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Mary Worth 3569

Because vets never ask about how your dog got shot.


Wanders said...

Move out for Max's sake, please. He saved your life several times, and you keep taking him back home?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Eve IS the vet.


KitKat said...

Is this a DIY vet clinic, or a merely incompetent one? A reputable vet wouldn’t leave an anesthetized animal laying on a table unattended.

When will this snooze fest get to the big reveal: the day Eve and Max began wearing bandanas, and why? Once again KM takes serious issues (domestic violence, animal abuse) and trivializes them.

Tim S said...

Report gunshots? Remember - this is Philly, not Santa Royale ;)

Nance said...

Today's Boldface (lies) Haiku is titled

"Worse Than A Lifetime Movie On MtV Directed By Dr. Phil".

Saved my life

*I had to add the closing quotation marks myself that JB/KM left out. I. HAD. TO.

Nance said...

@HelenClark--Your theory solves everything. That means it is incorrect.

Anonymous said...

@Nance - Yes, I see... You're absolutely right. Silly me.

I guess I was thinking that if Eve were the vet, what would it matter how many times Gary shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, kicked, clubbed, or throttled Max? Eve could simply patch him up and throw him right back into the action!


Anonymous said...

Max saved her life "more than once"? MORE THAN ONCE???!!!

With this ridiculous story, Moy is making a farce out of domestic violence.

Which is right on brand for her.

So, since it is not possible to take this idiotic plot seriously, I say, You go Karen! I can't wait to see what other horrors latehusbandGary visited on Eve.

-- Scottie McW.

Jerry Smith said...

"I can't wait to see what other horrors latehusbandGary visited on Eve."

I've sneaked a peek at upcoming plot developments. Gary's death traps include camouflaged pits with poisoned stakes, a shotgun trap in the garage, large anvils dropping from great heights, a giant firecracker/death rocket from the Acme Co., and finally pushing Eve into an active volcano. Luckily, Max is available in every scenario to avert disaster, and Gary ends up exploding and covered in black soot, only to try again. Meep meep!

MissScarlet said...

Well, strictly speaking, poor, brave Max isn't standing at all. But why look for realism at this point?

LouiseF said...

Interesting that JB went through the trouble to illustrate that Max is on an IV. I thought that bandage on his paw was due to an Incredible Bouncing Bullet (a la JFK), and I was about to excoriate JB for not illustrating that the bullet went through Max's leg.

Carlye said...

I guess I must not be very tolerant, but if my husband had shot my dog, that would be the end of that relationship. I would get him arrested for attempted murder, and find out what the penalties are for shooting a dog, for starters. When he finally croaked, I might be doing a bit of a dance in my red dress next to his coffin. I certainly wouldn't have had a fresh bruise. But, I'm not a doormat.

Anonymous said...

so i suppose after gary shot the dog he said take him to the vet i make a lot of money thats why i can use you as target practice and trip you willy nilly