Thursday, February 18, 2021

Mary Worth 3570

If you were more like a dog, Eve, you wouldn't think about your murderous, tripping husband and cry all the time. Live in the now. Be like a dog.


Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"KM Should Stick To Fish Carpets".

Lot to learn!

Anonymous said...

So, isn't one of them going to kiss the other? You'd think that this emotional death march would lead to something deeper than dog petting.

Or is Eve just getting started on her saga of Dickensian maltreatment?

-- Scottie McW.

P.S. Superb comments, Wanders!

MDMaryTed said...

Nance, good thing I'm working from home. Co-workers would be wondering why I'm LOL. Great Boldface Haiku today. Wanders, your comments today are also spot on. I think a petition is needed to keep KM away from topical subjects. Stick with your old standbys KM, stupid love stories and mysterious baking ingredients with a side of Mary's boring platitudes.

Anonymous said...

Saul: "So, Eve, you say your late husband tried to murder you but ended up shooting your dog instead?"

Eve: "Yes." sniff, sniff

Saul: "Huh. Well, I gotta say... that salmon was delicious. What'd you use for seasoning?"

Scottie McW. - Will they kiss? I think at this point, it's much more likely that they'll start licking each others ... face.


KitKat said...

That’s a zinger of a secret message, Wanders — huzzah!

Terrific comments by all today.. Nance, I’d forgotten all about the fish carpeting, so you had me laughing out loud. You are one hundred percent correct; KM should stick to frivolous plots. Mary and Toby on that cruise was like Noel Coward compared to the pap KM’s serving up now. I suppose if Gruesome Gary encountered Mary, he’d have been sent packing while wearing a muffin hat.

LouiseF said...

Of course dogs live in the present! They don't have the mental capacity to worry over the future, where their next meal is coming from, will they be able to keep up with their vaccine schedule, or how is their 401k doing now that they may need it for retirement.

Wool Worth said...

So the moral of the story is dogs make everything better, even when someone is being shot at by their abusive husband? Why does Eve have mixed feelings about this psycho?
Did Gary go to prison and a prisoner shanked him after Gary tripped him? Nance is right as usual. KM needs to stick to fish carpets.

Shmoopie said...

I'm with LouiseF. What IS it with this constant refrain of "living in the now?" It makes my toenails curl!
This strip really has only a small handful of plots: living in the now (grrrr!), love conquers all, Mary Worth is always right, Toby is stupid, purple rules, food is... well... sort of oblong or squarish and colored in shades not occurring in nature.
Would any of us read this strip if it weren't for Mr. Wander's excellent blog?

KitKat said...

Shmoopie, if we read Mary Worth but didn’t have MW & Me to keep us on the hilarious straight and narrow, we’d pass out from snark overload, among other unpleasant things! I know I would bang my head against a wall so often, I would have a chronic headache.

Nance said...

Thanks, everyone. Great comments all around, prompted by our fearless leader’s secret message.

Jana C.H. said...

MDMaryTed: But this is a stupid love story. Eve loved Gary, and stupidly kept on loving him even when he was abusing her, and didn't leave him until he...shot her dog? We still don't know what finally made her leave him, or even if she left him at all. Maybe he dropped dead of a heart attack in mid-rant, and Eve loved him til the day he died. This is, alas, a fairly common stupid love story, including the part about harming the abused wife's pet. It could be a heart-rending tale, if KM weren't doing such a bad job of telling it.

Carlye said...

@Jana, go back and check out Eve next to Gary's coffin, with a fresh bruise on her face. After he had tried to kill her, and almost killed her dog!

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