Saturday, April 10, 2021

Mary Worth 3611

It's like a combination of watching paint dry and a train wreck both at the same time.


tkraft said...

OH NO! Upcoming: a 3 month flashback of a younger Saul whose father, Garrison, discharged a flintlock in a fit of pique at the lad, and a mother, Garushka, who continually tried to upend him with a dibber as he trundled off to harvest the beets. Spare us all.

Anonymous said...

Moy, if you're trolling us for forgiveness, forget it. The past month-plus has been inexcusable.

Suggestion for the Charterstone juke: "Time Stood Still" by Madonna.

-- Scottie McW.

Tim said...

It's time for a pool party. At this point I don't even care if it involves frolicking Wilbur in a Speedo.

KitKat said...

Ah yes, Eve had one express appointment with Dr. Chelsea Mauve, and she thinks she's qualified to "help" everyone else. "Saul, do YOU have anyone that you need to forgive? There's gotta be SOMEONE. Tell me now so I can push you onto the path of peace! You'll thank me!"

Actually, Eve not asking Saul why he needs to forgive his parents proves that she's not listening to him and probably couldn't care less anyway. If I'm remembering correctly, didn't the cranky, snarly original Old Man Wynter say that his parents did not approve of the love of his life and forced him to marry a woman he didn't love? I bet Moy has forgotten all about that. She's forgotten so much, including Ian, Toby, Jeff's offspring, Estelle, the former Hannah Dingdon and her husband (I've forgotten his name - was it Sean?), Olive and her tummy brain, and more.

Anonymous said...

Saul: “But I’ve come to terms with what they did.”

Eve: “What did they do, Saul, that was so terrible?”

Saul: “Well, I’d just returned home from France where I received my postgraduate degree in auto mechanics from the Sorbonne. While there, I met a lovely young mademoiselle when she came into our Advanced Lubricant Studies class for a free oil change. We fell madly in love. She was tiny and lithe, dark haired and seductive. She looked just like Audrey Hepburn. Alas, when I told my parents of my plans to return to France to marry my petit chou, they forbade me to leave the country and flushed my passport down the toilet! They insisted I remain in the states and marry the daughter of their neighbors, an extremely wealthy couple who’d moved to the US from Sweden after having no success pawning off their beast to any poor Swedish sap. She was huge! A big, blonde giantess! Her feet were size 11 and her nose stuck out way past them! She had this huge, flabby gut and a set of bazookas… well, you get my drift. Anyway, I ended up marrying her and never saw my little French maiden again. Quite the story, eh, Eve?”

“Eve? Eve?” hmmm. I guess she must have gone to the ladies room.


KitKat said...

@Helen Clark, I bet the Swedish giantess always wore bandannas, too.

Anonymous said...

@KitKat - Yes! And she owned a dog named Max von Sydow!


Chester the Dog said...

I love, in panel one, that the guy in the hallway is getting involved in the conversation! Therapy for everyone!