Thursday, April 29, 2021

Mary Worth 3629

So, I guess the Good Grub Diner is actually in Santa Royale, which is why Drew assumes Ashlee has heard of these places and knows which downtown he's referencing. I thought he was out in the woodlands. And it looks like the deal is final: Mountview Hospital was officially bought out by the Northview Medical Services conglomerate (I'll miss you Mountview Hospital).

And another thing! Ashlee, you forgot his 'slaw! You get one chance to impress this celebrity doctor influencer and put the Good Grub diner on the map, and you mess it up.


Anonymous said...

"A doctor, you say! That must be very rewarding."

"Yes, when you can help someone make a positive change in their li . . ."

"That's not what I mean."

-- Scottie McW.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"Name Two Things You'll See On The Tour At Cleveland Clinic".

Hospital cafeteria!

Darth Curt said...

Perhaps "Slaw" is a euphemism for "Awkward Conversation".

KitKat said...

LOL Nance!

The Cory men like BIG sandwiches that need two hands to lift 'em!

Drew's having trouble looking Ashlee in the face, or at some other part of her.

Anonymous said...

Drew: “This sandwich looks better than the hospital cafeteria food, I’ll say.”

Ashlee: “Do you work in a hospital, Drew?”

Drew: “No. I’m a food critic for Gastronomica.”


LouiseF said...

Poor Drew. Just referencing the hospital and the "Peoples' Clinic" clearly reminds him that he's been drowning in work. He'd better hurry up and eat that sandwich to regain his strength.
Thanks, Nance! Too bad "valet" and "high priced parking" weren't in bold here. Those are two other things you might see on a tour of Cleveland Clinic.

Chester the Dog said...
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Chester the Dog said...

The cook could have CUT THE SANDWICH IN HALF!

Anonymous said...

I'm done with this story line....