Friday, April 30, 2021

Mary Worth 3630

Veritable. Marcus Welby. I wish I could see Ashlee's face at this moment.


KitKat said...

“But back in the day, Jeff Cory was a veritable Marcus Welby! Well, every now and then he was a veritable Young Doctor Kildare, but he was never a Ben Casey, veritable or otherwise. By the way, where is my slaw? Also, there’s an angry-looking woman behind the counter, staring at this table. Is she your boss?”

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"Marcus Welby, M.D., Takes A Dishwashing Liquid Survey".


Anonymous said...

Drew: “Back in the day, my doctor dad was a veritable Marcus Welby.”
Ashlee: “Dr. Veritable who? Sorry; never heard of him. Anyway, Drewie, I wonder if you’d do me a favor?”

Drew: “Um… Do you know you just sat down at my table?”
Ashlee: “Yeah, yeah. I know. But, Drewie, would you pleeeaaassse do me a favor?”

Drew: “Well, I’m kinda hungry. Can I eat my sandwich first?”
Ashlee: “For Pete’s sake. Your stinkin’ sandwich ain’t going nowhere. Drewie, I REALLY need you to do me a favor; RIGHT NOW!”

Drew: “Um… Did you notice the couple behind me just left without paying?”
Ashlee: “For crying out loud, Drew, will you shut up and listen?! See that old bald guy who’s sitting at the counter? Well, it turns out he’s a famous fashion designer. He’s checked out my insta pics and he thinks my portfolio is a little weak but that shouldn’t be a problem. He said we can straighten that out this afternoon. But we’ll need to hurry and get outta here before we lose the light. Normally, he wouldn’t be in such a rush but he said he’s got to stop by the drug store and the hardware store for a few items before we get started.”

Drew: “Yeah, sure, I guess if it means that much to you. Just let me grab my camera.”
Ashlee: “What? No; no. That guy said he’s got a camera in his van. I just need you to buss my tables for me.”
Drew: “Um… Can you go back to the kitchen and get my ‘slaw before you leave?”


Yahoonski said...

With Wanders, Nance, KitKat, HelenClark, et al, do we even need Karen Moy?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Yahoonski. And a special thank you for not pointing out that I used "buss" instead of "bus" - I must have been thinking about Flo and her grits!


Anonymous said...

"Yeah, he was a veritable Marcus Welby. But now he's kind of the Lone Ranger, ridin' the range on the Ponderosa. But he does pick up some contract work -- like Paladin, have gun, will travel, if you know what I mean."

"[??] . . . Hey, I used to work at Ponderosa too."

Michael Beaumier said...

What Will Ashlee’s Favor Be?
A Very Special Friday Contest

“Can you take out my appendix? Right now?”
“I want to have a baby. A doctor baby. And since your dad is so good at making doctor babies…”
“Do you take nudes? Photos, I mean — not patients.”
“Do you take nudes? Patients, I mean — not photos.”
“Where’s the coleslaw?”

Jerry Smith said...

What will Ashlee's favor be? (Continued)

"I'm in the middle of a month long scavenger hunt and I need a picture of a doctor's junk."
"Do you do boob jobs?"
"I need a doctor's note for my government disability. I'll make it worth your while, if you know what I mean."
"Would you come over to the trailer and take some model pictures of me? My husband's in jail for at least another month."
"See this rash? What do you make of it?"

MissScarlet said...

Oh please, please, please let's have Jeff walk in on Drew taking pictures of Ashlee.

Chester the Dog said...

@Miss Scarlet: Let's have MARY walk in.

Garnet said...

How old is Jeff? I'm 42 and Marcus Welby is before my time.

I wonder if she wants the pictures to be nudes?

Anonymous said...

Garnet - Take my advice. Don't ever try to make sense of time in the Worthiverse. It will break your head.

Besides, I suspect that every evening, Dr. Jeff forces Dr. Drew to watch re-runs of every old television show that featured a doctor.


KitKat said...


HelenClark, there’s one old television show not featuring a doctor that Jeff forces Drew to watch: “Father Knows Best.”

Today’s strip: Ashlee will have even less money to repay Drew when she gets fired by Diner. At the rate she’s going, that might happen tomorrow. “Drewie, I’m between jobs right now. Can I live with you until I score as a model?”

Chester the Dog said...


Anonymous said...

"Do you ever donate your picture-taking services?"

"No, I charge every bird full price."

(Picture-taking services???)

This relationship, if that's what it is, has already reached a critical point. Drewie has to decide (1) if he's just going to go with the flow and enjoy the attention and whatever else may come or (2) if it seems like she's going to be nothing but trouble and that he ought to get away from her as fast as he can. Looks like he's leaning toward the latter with that lame-o excuse.

Fortunately, he won't have to spine to tell her No, so this plot might actually get somewhere close to interesting.

-- Scottie McW.

Anonymous said...

My friends annoying husband says I'm no doctor but I watch Marcus Welby. ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And he laughs like it's the funniest line ever.... He says it to doctors. Friends Anyone. ALL THE TIME. (says the same thing b9uot not being a lawyer, but watches Perry Mason -but not nearly as much as the Marcus Welby line. Meanwhile, the guy told me his doctor suggest he take "something called Advil". Asked me if I'd ever heard of it. I think more people have heard of Advil than Marcu Welby. Thanks for letting me rant. I know its a little off topic. I'm not loving this story line - I miss Maddie and her eye rolls and Saul and Eve and their dogs!

Anonymous said...

Ashlee: “Drewie, I picture took most of my selfies in my apartment. Boring! Do you think you could do some picture taking of me out in nature?”

Drew: “Um… yeah, I guess I have the time this afternoon. As a matter of fact, as I was walking into Diner, I noticed a big tree at the edge of the parking lot. It probably has a branch strong enough for you.”


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