Sunday, May 2, 2021

Mary Worth 3631

Is Mlle. Binoche reading this blog? Because if she is ... picture this: My Instagram DMs, my Facebook Messages, my Gmail as an inbox... and like a beautiful Francophony, her fan letter emerges!


Anonymous said...

Settle down, Wanders, settle down.

Hey, I see the old guy sitting at the counter had to change his pants. He must have ordered the fish special.

Drew seems very reluctant to get involved with this charmer. I think he must be a Nancy Boy (Nancy Drew?)


Anonymous said...

The grip tightens.

"I can't afford to pay you, but we can work something out, if you know what I mean, you handsome devil, nudge nudge, wink wink!"

"Ashlee, with your looks, you won't have any trouble getting work as a model!"

"Uh, does this place look like a Cosmo photo studio? Trust me, I've having trouble. Are all doctors this dumb?"

-- Scottie McW.

Sandi Ego said...

Yikes! Inflated ego, manipulative, trashy dresser, and a Hee Haw vocabulary. Give her a fake number, Drew, and run!

Chester the Dog said...


KitKat said...

Hilarious secret message, Wanders!

Ashlee, if you want to emerge as a beautiful apparition, you could stand on a clamshell in the buff, with your hair covering some key body parts. Is there a beach nearby? You might get lucky and have Drew’s daddy go past in his cabin cruiser. Ignore any gray-haired woman dressed in purple that might be with him.

Finally, the slaw has appeared! Once Drew figures out how to lift the massive roast-beef sandwich, he can eat the slaw with his fingers since his server neglected to bring cutlery. Or napkins.

MissScarlet said...

Tsk Tsk Wanders. What will Mrs. Wanders say? Oh, well, if you two are like Miss Scarlett and Mr. Rhett, all imaginary partners are welcome.

@Sandi Ego: who could ask for anything more? Inflated ego, manipulative, trashy dresser and a Hee Haw vocabulary? Maybe Dr. Jeff will have a stroke!

@Helen Clark: maybe he's not dumb. Maybe he's 'a friend of Dorothy's'.

tkraft said...

I’m with Monsieur Wanders on this one! I’ll endure any MW nonsense today for just the hint (or Google images-assist) of Juliette Binoche. She’s great in so many movies. Loved her in “Dan in Real Life”. Huge crush and I’m too old for that!